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Frequently Asked Questions-Nipple Sore Nipple Cracking

#1 What is meaning of Nipple Cracking,and nipple sore?

When mothers start breastfeeding their babies, they may encounter cracked nipple with bleeding problems too.cracked nipples can be the result of having inverted nipples or due to some hormonal changes.


#2 What are the causes of nipple sore and nipple cracking?

Main reason for nipple cracking is supposed to improper feeding position,improper way of using breast pump,Bacterial infection can be the other cause of cracked nipples.

#3 How to avoid nipple sore and nipple cracking?

Clean your nipples gently after breast feeding,use good latch breast feeding position, proper latch while breast feeding.


#4 How to heal nipple sore and nipple cracking?

The mother could also consider a suitable pain relieving or anti-inflammatory medication.In the case of having an open wound, consult your doctor and use antibacterial ointment accordingly.Use medical-grade modified lanolin for breastfeeding.Try using hydrogel dressing pad for comfort.Take painkillers as prescribed by your medical consultant.

#5 How nipple cracking going to affect my baby?

It’s not going to affect your baby.You baby will get enough milk. It might be possible your baby swallow some blood and you may see it come out in diaper, but it’s not going to do any harm for your baby.

#6 Should I feed my baby during the healing process?

Yes,you can breastfeed your not going to harm your baby.You can still nurse your baby.

#7 If I am suffering from nipple sore or nipple cracking, What should I wear ?

Go for cotton and light weight cloths for yourself.Let the sore get healed in proper way.

#8 Which is good latch ?

Good latch is more likely to happen if the baby latches on with his head tipped back so that baby’s chin is pressed into the mother’s breast and  nose is away from the breast. Of course, there is difference between every baby and breast.

#9 What else I can do to heal my nipple sore?

Good air contact required for early healing of your nipple sore ,one more thing you can do use breast shells ,donut shaped plastic items with a dome top;to cover up your nipple.It will surely protect your nipple from regular touch of your bra.But do not use for a long time,air exposure required after a certain intervals.


#10 Is  that wet tea bag good remedy for the treatment of nipple pain?

No,there is no scientific recommendation for using wet tea bag.Actually the tannic acid in the tea can act as an astringent causing drying and cracking, rather than healing.






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