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Baby Boy Genitals :Care And Cleaning

Baby boy genitals Care And Cleaning is very sensitive topic.Baby boy genitals are very delicate, so cleaning this area requires special attention.You should take special care of private parts. Try to keep your baby clean with not washing and wiping too often, as it irritate your baby skin.Uses of anti scented wipes are good.

Cleaning of baby boy genital Parts

Cleaning of Private Parts of your baby

Similar to other parts of the body, the private parts like the Penis have to be kept clean. This will ensure that your baby stays healthy and free from infection at all times.

This is even more important in case your baby boy has not been circumscribed.

Circumcision is best defined as the process wherein the skin covering the head of the penis in males is removed by a small surgical procedure.

Thus there are two possible scenarios:

# 1 Baby is circumscribed(covered penis head)

  • In case your baby is circumscribed, cleaning his private parts is a very simple process.
  • All that you would need to do is to clean the area with water and a mild soap.By this way you can make a proper care of baby boy genitals.
  • The soap should preferable have a built in moisturizer so that it keeps the skin moist and healthy.
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  • In case the nappy sticks to the private parts, it is recommended that the front of the nappy is moistened with petroleum jelly.
  • A note of caution being that experts are of the opinion that use of oil could disturb the delicate balance of the skin and can lead to damage of the affected area.
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# 2 Baby is not Circumscribed

  • In case your baby is not circumscribed just after birth, then the foreskin skin will continue to cover the head of the penis.
  • All that you will need to do in the first two to three years is to keep the skin clean with water and a mild soap.
  • The cleaning should ideally be done for the outside skin and you should not try to pull back this skin as it is still adhered to the underlying penis.

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It is possible that there will be an accumulation of smegma and secretions just under the foreskin.

Smegma is a collection of dead pus cells which have outlived their utility and must be removed by the body for a healthy existence.

The private parts in such a scenario are best cleansed out by washing the area with lukewarm water and a mild soap at the time of bathing. Best way of  baby boy genitals :Care And Cleaning


Thus it could well be concluded that when the context is oiling and private parts of your baby boy; the use of oils is discouraged and moisturizers and Vaseline jelly are the preferred options.

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