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Baby Skin Care: Which soap, cream and massage oil can be used for baby

If you have delivered your baby a week ago, you need not apply anything to your newborn baby skin. Baby skin is very much soft and supple and not compatible with any newborn  baby skin care products. You should avoid any skincare product  at least for 2 months. First 14 days baby need a sponge bath.

Baby skin care products

Baby Bath Soap

After passing of 14 days can go for the baby bath. Do not use medicated soap. This is harmful to your baby skin. Your baby skin is soft and tender. It does not require any additional moisturization.

Use any mild soap for any your baby.  Always avoid liquid paraffin ingredient in any of your soap.Before starting for baby bath you must know how to handle your baby.

Baby Massage Oil 

For Baby messaging you can use any oil of your choice like olive oil, sesame seeds or almond oil etc.It is not important to buy any specific oil for the baby’s skin massage. Do not spend money on message oil. The market is flooded with liquid paraffin-based oil. Which is harmful to your baby’s skin.

Baby Talcum Powder 

Always try to avoid usage of baby talcum powder.  This powder contains silica, which can cause allergy to your baby. You can use natural powder instead of market talcum powder.  Natural powder is made from Corn starch and other homely ingredients.

You should use a very small quantity of it. Always try to a dab of powder.

Baby Shampoo

You can use any mild shampoo for your baby. Always mix the shampoo with water before applying it on your baby scalp. Use the water and shampoo in the proportion of 3:1.In case of dandruff take the advice of health care counsellor of your baby.and can use a medicated shampoo.

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Baby skin cream

Your little one does not need any baby skin cream .Massage oil is sufficient for your baby’s skin.Newborn babies skin is enough soft and supple naturally.During winter you may look forward for baby skin cream .


  1. It is very important to use natural or organic skincare products for baby because their skin is very sensitive. If your baby is prone to eczema, Australia Baby SkinCare range – Cherub Rubs has a very good range to manage eczema flareup.

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