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Creating Intelligent Babies

Although hereditary has a significant role to play in creating intelligent babies; it is also a function of what the baby eats. Thus you should make smart choices if you want your baby to be intelligent and creative in a later year. Here we have information about super baby foods. Some of the preferred options are:

# 1 Breast Milk or Formula Milk

It is recommended that you continue to breastfeed your baby until your baby turns two years of age.
Milk is a rich source of ARA and DHA which helps develop the grey matter in the brain and the retina in the eyes.breastfeeding
Alternatively, formula milk is also effective as manufacturers have now added ARA a DHA fatty acids too and it is considered best super baby food.

# 2 Infant bowls of cereal

Infant Cereals are particularly recommended considering that they are a rich source of Vitamins like A, B and C. These vitamins help generate cells and the nervous system in babies. Concurrently infant cereals are also a rich source of Zinc and Iron which in turn reduces the probability of being obese in the future.
They are also a rich source of sugars like Glucose which provides the necessary energy for brain activities.


# 3 Vegetables with Plenty of Colour

Offer your baby plenty of green leafy vegetables and coloured vegetables. Vegetables are a rich source of vitamins and help in developing the brain tissues of the baby. Thus it is important that you give your baby a variety of vegetables and do not limit their diet to anyone kind of vegetable at any point in time.vegetables
Tomatoes, corn and pumpkin are just some of the options of baby foods which are known to be particularly effective.

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# 4 The Yogurt Option

There is more to yoghurt than just improving digestion. This is evident from the fact that babies who consume yoghurt daily invariably develop their brain cells better and repair damaged cells far more effectively.Goodo option for super baby food.

# 5 Blueberries and Strawberries

The new buzzword in memory enhancement and brain development are Blueberries. In addition to being anti-cancerous and a rich source of antioxidants, they are particularly effective in developing new brain cells in babies.

blue berry
Thus it could well be concluded that in addition to promoting good health, making the right choice could well go a long way towards ensuring that you develop a healthy and mature baby. You are also assured that your baby is smart and intelligent – a super baby in the making!

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