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Easter Basket For Your Baby

Most awaited  Easter is here again on sunday.The Holy Day, almost on it’s way.It’s on 16 April 2017.


This is the day of resurrection.According to the Gospel of John in the New Testament, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb where Jesus was buried.She found that tomb is empty.An angel told her that Jesus had risen.After knowing that the fact each and every follower started prayer for their god.They celebrated this auspicious day while gifting each-other.Sharing you and love each -other.This is old story .Still we have same feeling for that day joy.

Now-a-days gifting is a crucial because taste of gifting and generation gap is wide.Being a parent you should know the fresh idea.As eater is very close you must  have some plan for Easter Basket.Your Easter Basket must be fill-up with great joy.So that your bundle of joy can get lots of engagement.I am here to give you few Easter Basket suggestion:


1#Easter Egg Basket :Go Natural

Easter basket full of egg loved  by your kid.Decorate your eater egg basket with the real feeling of eggs in their nest.This creativity will give you immense pleasure of celebration.

Easter Egg Basket
Easter Egg Basket for your baby

Easter basket must be designed on live nest egg basket theme.You can put a toy bird in your baby egg basket also along-with green leaf.You can go for green live egg basket theme for your baby easter basket.You baby will get a message also.

2#Easter Chocolate basket 

Kids always love chocolate.Chocolate is best loved and acceptable gift for your kids.Your baby will feel most pampered on this special day.But a clear instruction must be given,not to more than a certain number.It can harm kids teeth.You can add different flavour and shapes chocolate.

Easter Chocolate basket

3#Easter Toy Basket

Kids wants everyday a new toy.Give your baby a easter basket with full of variety of toys.That can be soft toys like puppy,giraffe,their favorite cartoon character.kids definitely  going to enjoy with the toys.

Easter Toy Basket
Easter Toy Basket

4#Easter Daily needs Basket

If you are gifting a easter basket to a new born baby,this could be a good choice.Daily need easter basket contains baby daily needs like soap ,cream,anti rash nappy cream,wipes,baby powder etc.Prefect easter basket gift for your friends and relatives.

easter Daily needs Basket
easter Basket for Daily needs of your baby

5#Easter Food Basket

Eater basket full of lots of eating snacks like burger,chips,chocolate,cookies,cakes etc is a nice choice for a food lover kid.For a foodie kids easter basket full of food is very good option.Your kid is really going to enjoy this easter basket and will thank you for many times.

Easter Food Basket
Easter Food Basket for gifting


6#Easter books Basket

If your child likes reading books,for a book lover you can plan for a easter book basket.This Easter basket contains books out of the their syllabus.That Could be fantasy novels,catoon character novels,religious books,easy to learn technique etc.

Easter books Basket
Easter books Basket

7#Easter Science basket

Is your kid love science.Your kid love to know more about everything.You can decorate his/her  easter basket will be innovative things,like In lieu of chocolate buy”pi plates” decorated with math equations,Marauder’s Map,Projection Alarm Clock,lego mug,etc.

Easter Science basket
Easter Science basket

8#Easter gadgets Basket

Now this easter basket for your tech-savvy boy for girl.You can gift them science watch GPS based Navigation providers,kids mobile ,laptops,i pod etc.This easter basket containg a small bag of chocolate could be learning series for your kids.

Easter gadgets Basket
Easter gadgets Basket

9#Easter Puzzle Basket

You want that your baby will on certain high intellectual level.Start pushing your kids towards puzzle solving from very early age of time.Your kids certainly grow mentally.This eater basket can lead towards happiness and success for your child.Always Keep a toy and pack a chocolate with such educational easter basket.

Easter PUZZLE Basket
Easter PUZZLE Basket

10# Baby Girl’s Easter Basket

Baby girls are very precious so does their gift also.You can give her doll house,dresses,Accessories and ofcourse chocolate with a taddy.You will see the grace of their face while recieving the easter basket.


So,Parents ! Enjoy your this easter with your kids ,family and friends.You can choose any of above mentioned Easter basket.you know your kids choice.Always go with kid’s happiness.



  1. hey Liza!
    thanks for your ideas of easter basket .My son is very tech-savvy .This easter i am going to make him happy.oooooye

  2. hi Liza
    Hope you will doing well.
    I am curiously waiting for your easter basket article .Thanks for sharing it .
    Surely will find out for my food lover baby.

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