Baby Care Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ



1#What is the Right Time to Introduce Water to Baby ?

Once your baby is six months old, the time is right to introduce a few sips of water whenever he/she is thirsty.

2# Does my baby will get enough hydration from breast milk ?

Those with a scientific temper would indeed find it reassuring that 85% of breast milk is water hence hydrating your baby is never a challenge.

3# How much water I can offer my baby in the starting phase?

The dosage is limited to 4 Oz

4#  If I give excess water,what problems my baby can face?

If you give too much of water before six months of age, your baby may suffer from water intoxication resulting in convulsions and may even go into coma. sugar content disturbs the electrolyte and your baby may complain of stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

5# What other liquids can I offer my baby ?

You can offer juice and formula milk but for limited quantity.

6# Is excess formula milk and juice can cause tooth decay?

Yes,very true .Your baby has enamel covering tooth of these milk teeth is thinner as compared to adults. Thus it invariably gets destroyed if your baby feeds on juices artificially sweetened with sugar.

7# How can I save my baby tooth decay from juice and other drinks?

Beverages and fizzy drinks secrete an acid which destroys the thin enamel covering of the new born and this invariably results in decay of teeth.Few Sip of juice is enough for your baby.

8# May I offer mineral water to my baby?

Minerals found in mineral water are usually calcium, sodium loaded.Initially Offer Simple plain boiled water to your baby.Your baby is not ready to digest such a hard mineral.Later on you can offer .

9# My baby has not completed six moth,It’s humid outside .Can I offer few sip of water to my baby?

It is a distinct possibility that on a hot summer morning you may be tempted to give your baby a few sips of water ,Contrary to popular belief your baby should not drink water until she is six months old.But do not make a habbit.When your baby is in much need.

10# Juice is great for health ,then why I can not offer my baby?

You can offer it but in limited quantity.sugar content disturbs the electrolyte and your baby may complain of stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

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