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Giving Healthy And Balanced Diet to Your Baby And Toddler


Now your child is six months of age, the time is right to start the child on solid food. Contrary to popular belief, your child does not need teeth to start on solid food. When your baby is six months old, baby will begin to sit up in a chair, will open her/his mouth when you show a spoon and turns her/his head away when baby does not want a feed. vegetable and baby
When you first begin to offer solid food, the baby may not accept the change quickly. Baby may turn her head away or closes her mouth.
Never force the baby to accept the food, find another time or day to repeat the exercise. If you force the baby, there is a possibility that she may be a reluctant eater in the future. Continue to breast feed the baby throughout the day and introduce solid food immediately after a breast feed.
The best time of the day is morning and lunch time and let her sit with the family when they are having a meal.

Conversely,switching baby to solid food late, invariably the child will find it difficult to accept solid food and will suffer from deficiencies.
Some of the commoner complications associated with delayed switching is vitamins and minerals deficiency such as Vitamin A and iron.



# 1 Six Months to Nine Months

Wheat, Oats and Barley

cereals for baby

At this stage your baby needs iron for optimal health. Hence the preferred option is to continue breast feeding the baby and add iron rich foods like iron fortified single grain rice infant cereals. This is then followed by other single grain infant cereals like Wheat, Oat and Barley.

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Pulse ,Rich source of protein:


Start with Moong Pulse as it is very easy to digest for your baby.Diluted moong Pulse is very good food for your baby.after one year you can go for yellow or tuvar dal.


Mixed Grain Infant Cereals:


Mixed grains
The next step is to introduce your baby to mixed grain infant cereals.
The process is simple, mix the cereal with breast milk and keep it liquid by using more of milk and less of cereal.
Once the baby accepts the change, gradually decrease the amount of breast milk in the mix so that the consistency continues to become thicker.

Add Alternatives

Beans :Beans

Now is the time to introduce alternatives in the diet. One of the richest sources of iron are beans. Cook the beans well and add warm water.

soft tofu and soft egg yolk :


On the contrary you could even add soft tofu or well-cooked soft egg yolk and white to the diet or cereal food.


Bananas and Apples:banan and apple

Starts with a single alternative at a time and over a period of days gradually introduce other options like bananas and apples which have a mild taste.Go for banana shake or apple juice or press banana and feed your baby.

# 2 Nine Months to One Year


Now my baby is going to convert from baby to toddler.You are supposed to give the baby more nutrients for the balanced growth of the baby.

baby foos
As your baby grows continue to increase the variety of textures and food options that your baby eats. A word of caution being that it is important the baby takes a breast feed after every food combination.


Vegetables and Fruitsvegetable and fruits

Offer well-cooked and soft vegetables cut in convenient bite sized portions.


Banana and Kiwis

banana and kiwi

 Concurrently you can even offer small pieces of ripe fruits such as Banana and Kiwis.

Right Time To Introduce Rice, Roti,Dry Toast and Other Grains Options

rice roti
Continue with infant cereal as it is a rich source of iron. Mix it with soft cooked vegetables and fruits.
This is the right time to introduce rice, roti, Noodles and dry toast in the diet for your baby.Mash roti in Pulse with small sized roti ,so that it can be soften,easy to eat.


Semolina /Suji kheer :


Very good for your baby’s stomach.Easy to prepare and good to digest .Kheer is a            rice pudding from the cuisine of the Indian Subcontinent, made by boiling rice, broken wheat or vermicelli with milk and sugar. It is typically served during a meal or as a dessert.


 Cow Milk

Introduce well homogenized cow milk in the diet of your baby however continue to breast feed your baby. The milk fat content of cow milk should be 3.25%.Add jaggery in milk in spite of sugar,jaggery will add iron in milk.

Cheese and Yoghurt






Milk supplements like cheese and yoghurt may be added to the diet of your baby at this stage.


Managing Allergies

Babies and toddlers are prone to developing allergies. Thus the preferred option is to start with a single food and never try a mixed option in the beginning.
Continue the same for five days, if your baby develops rashes, vomiting or diarrhoea, stop the solid immediately and try another variant after a couple of days.

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