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Healthy Diet Plan For Curing Asthma


If your baby is suffering from a persistent cough which is dry and does not produce any expectoration it is usually due to Asthma.Concurrently your baby may find it difficult to breathe comfortably and seem to be out of breath. The baby may also experience a sense of tightness of the chest.Then your baby is surely suffering from asthma.


Diet and Asthma

Diet is very much connected to your baby health.Please do focus what your baby eats.There are few foods which gives better result when excercised regularly.It is important that you adopt a healthy diet plan for curing asthma which is low in saturated fat and high in fruits and vegetables content:

Good Diets for Asthma:

# 1 Mediterranean Diet-European countries Diet

Mediterranean country (Europe) Diet is the preferred (healthy diet plan for curing asthma)option and this diet is known to minimize the duration and severity of this disease condition significantly.

mediterranean-diet for asthma

The diet is essentially low in saturated fats like meat, butter and poultry and rich in fruits and vegetables.

# 2 Plant Foods

Studies in recent times have now concluded that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is invariably associated with great respiratory health.

plant food for asthma

There is more to fruits and vegetables than just good nutrition considering that some studies have now established a link between nutrients and respiratory health; and yet another linkage between antioxidants present in fruits and lung health.

# 3 Fiber Content

Recent studies have now concluded that when the diet is low in fiber content, the outcome is usually poor respiratory health.High fiber generally found in foods like pulse,kedney beans ,cereals, fruits, vegetable, sweet potato is very much rich in fiber.This is the part of healthy diet plan for curing asthma.

fiber foods

On the contrary when the fiber content is high, the outcome is invariably good respiratory health.

Thus it could well be concluded that fiber content and respiratory health are connected; thus if you would like your child to have better Asthma control, ensure a high fiber diet at all times.

# 4 Fish and Health

There is some good news for fish eaters! You can add this food happily in your healthy diet plan for curing asthma.

fish food

If you are a fish eater, make sure that you encourage your child to eat fish too, considering that studies in recent times has concluded that when the diet is rich in fish content, the omega 3 fatty acid content is high.

So,Parents ! It is very much important to take care of your baby’s eating pattern if he/she is suffering from asthma.So that your toddler can fight with the asthma in good manner.

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