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How to Celebrate Kids Birthday During Lock down

Should We Celebrate Our Kids Birthday During Lockdown And Coronavirus Pandemic?

Yes, of course, so we should celebrate our children’s birthday at home with our own family but with some precautions. We do not know how long this coronavirus will last. Then we have to live with it, in this order, we have to do all our work.

When all the work is done then why not celebrate. We can stop ourselves but it is difficult to stop children. Taking care of their mental health, we should celebrate their small happiness.

Some precautions to be taken while celebrating children’s birthday:

If you are calling a few of your kid’s friend and family members then few precautions need to be taken.

  • In the coronavirus time , instead of buying hats for children, we buy a mask for them.
  • Ask the children to take off the shoes before entering the house
  • When entering the house, give sanitizer in their hands so that their hands can be free of germs and viruses. 
  • Invite children only to a limited count to celebrate the birthday, In order to maintain the required distance between them.
  • Give them packed food so that they can take away that food with them at their home and can enjoy the food.
  • As a return gift, you can give them a small bottle of sanitizer or a booklet on how to be safe during coronavirus. 

However, as far as possible, celebrate the celebration of the birth day with your family at your home. Don’t call people and friends if your child is not insisting too much.

Make him understand after this lock town and corona virus you will celebrate his or her birthday with much more enthusiasm.

Just wait for coronavirus vaccine and then our life will be safe and so that after then we can enjoy each and every moment of our life like an earlier.


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