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How to Clean Your Baby’s Genitals?

Genital Hygiene for Your Baby

Are you looking for how to keep your newborn genitals clean then you are at the right platform? Here in our blog, we will be sharing some key points so that you can keep your baby’s genitals clean. This will not only help you to prevent infections but will also keep your baby healthy. You can clean your baby’s genitals using warm water and cotton balls but avoid the use of soap. If you want to use soap then choose the one built with moisturizer in it. Make sure you wash off all the soap from the body of your baby’s genitals. Clean your baby’s genitals when you are changing their nappy after the bath.

How to Clean Your Baby Boy’s Genitals?

If your Baby Boy Genitals is Circumcised
If your baby boy’s penis is circumcised, then you need to gently wash your baby’s penis and scrotum using warm water and a cotton ball. Make sure your baby’s genitals and scrotum are dry, you can also do it by patting with a soft towel. In order to prevent your baby boy’s penis from sticking with the nappy, you can moisten the front of the nappy with petroleum jelly, pawpaw cream or something similar to that.

If your Baby Boy Genitals is UnCircumcised
If your baby boy’s penis is uncircumcised, then you need to clean only the outside of the foreskin. You can clean inside the foreskin when it easily pulls back on its own. This usually happens when your boy is about 2-3 years old, but sometimes it might not happen until puberty. It’s normal for your baby boy to get milky white substance (called smegma) which usually gathers under the foreskin. This is just made of dead skin cells and natural secretions.

How to Clean Your Baby Girl’s Labia?

clean your baby girl genitals

Sometimes when you use nappy creams around the baby girl’s genitals and some sweat and other substances get collected around the labia. In general, you only need to clean the labia to remove the remaining traces of poo. You can easily clean your baby girl’s labia, using a wet cotton ball. First, hold your baby’s legs apart and wipe between the labia with the cotton ball. Start at the front end and gently wipe backward. Lightly pat your baby’s genital area so that it gets dry with the use of a soft towel. You should not make use of any vaginal deodorants or douches. It might upset the natural chemical balance of your baby’s vagina and increase the risk of infection.

If you are noticing a discharge that looks a bit like egg white then it is perfectly normal, and you don’t need to clean it away. If you’re unsure about any other discharge, then see your doctor or child specialist immediately. Cleaning is a very essential part of our life to maintain hygiene for both the parents and the child. Baby’s genitals cleaning are also very essential. Being a mother, you should have the knowledge of the right and proper method of how to clean newborn baby genitals. While cleaning the baby’s genitals you need to keep the following things in your mind.

Key Highlights for Baby Boy’s Genitals Cleaning And Care 

baby boy genitals cleaning

  • Wash the skin of the baby boy’s genitals and bottom and clean urine and dirt which gets accumulated. Make use of clean warm water and avoid the use of soap on it.
  • It is not always possible to completely clear the baby’s genital skin until the baby is 3 years old. Sometimes the timing could get extended more which differs from baby to baby.
  • Don’t try to force the skin backward, try slowly.
  • Check whether the baby’s urine hole is visible or not.
  • Ensure that the baby boy’s genital are not covered completely, else consult your doctor as soon as possible.
  • If you see the pus around the skin of your baby’s genital then immediately get in touch with a specialist.
  • The skin of the baby boy’s bladder is blown while urine speed is slow or the urine has stopped or your baby cries while urinating you need to find the right doctor immediately.
  • If the baby’s genitals skin has been operated on, then wash it with lukewarm water only under the baby’s waist until the wound is healed.

Key Highlights for Baby Girl’s Genitals Cleaning And Care 

  • Clean your baby vagina and her bottom carefully as it is a very sensitive part.
  • Make use of a clean and gentle finger, separate your baby’s vaginal lips, and wash it with fresh and clean water.
  • Don’t use soap as the soap froth in the vagina can cause irritation and itching and burning also.
  • Use water to clean the vagina and bottom of your baby girl.
  • Sometimes while playing baby attracts soil that could get cleaned by cool and wet bathing towels.

Role of Dad

nappy change

Dad can also play a vital role in the cleaning and care process of the baby’s genital by changing their nappy to avoid diaper rashes. In the case of baby boy genitals cleaning, few kids feel shy about their genitals touching as they grow old. Here the role of father grows day-by-day. His friendly behavior can lead the baby towards openness before his father. Friendly and talkative behavior will help you open up your baby and he or she will feel more comfortable with his/her dad. And will start co-operating while cleaning his genital parts. By keeping the above points in your mind, you can easily clean your baby’s genitals. This will make your baby feel fresh and happy.

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