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How to Make Diapering Easy

Dear parents, you must have known that changing diapers is part of your regular work.This can be a bit difficult, but it is very beneficial for your newborn baby .Changing diapers regularly is a bit tiring job .
Continually sleeping in wet diapers can be harmful to children’s skin.This may make your trouble worse.But a sweet smile removes all your tiredness.

By taking some easy steps, we can avoid all the troubles.

Keep ready diaper bag 

You have to collect all the necessary items before you start changing diapers.For this, keeping a diaper bag is a very good decision. Keep all essential items like diaper, use and throw diaper ,cotton clothes, wipes ,cotton balls and diaper rash cream etc  in that.

This way all the essential will be available to you in one bag. That will make your work easy.

Stay calm and happy 

As a parent you have mastered to do lots of things simultaneously. When your little one crying hard you need to have patience. Stay calm and happy while changing diaper. Always keep smiling face before you tiny tot. So that can feel happy and safe.

Create distractions

Creating distractions while changing nappy is a good choice.Keep some humming toys for your sweet one.While changing the nappy, hum or sing a song so that the baby’s attention can be moved around.So that those babies can feel happy.

Taking care of tiny tot’s diaper

Usually, the mother knows when the baby’s diaper is wet. If the child is awake, he himself cries crying that its diaper is wet. 
Mother or father constantly monitor the baby, so that they come to know.Continuous sleeping in wet diapers can be harmful to little one’s skin and for health also.

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Diaper changing steps

I guess, you know a lot about basics of changing diapers. Now you need to know the steps of changing diaper.

Place your infant on clean and safe bed:

When you know that this is the right time to change a diaper. If you are holding your little one .First lie down it on the bed or on the safe clean surface .

Unwrap the  diaper and clean the skin

Cleanse infant skin according to whether the child has urinated or potty.If urinated, wipe clean it and change  with the nappy.

In case of potty

If the child has potty, then clean it with a soft cotton cloth. Repeat the process. Now Let It dry. Apply the nappy rash cream.Wear clean nappy to your child.

Dispose the diaper

For urinated  cotton diaper 

keep a tub with a lid for urinated  cotton diaper .Keep all those diapers in the tub and cover then. Whenever you get time wash all those urinated cotton diapers.

For potty diapers 

If you baby has potty clean it immediately. If it is disposable diaper then roll it into a plastic bag and thrash it. Don’t try to flush down the toilet.

Wash your hand

Your job is done now. Clean your hands after changing baby diapers. And if you like you can change your clothes also. Free dress your baby if required. Now you have mastered nappy changing.

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