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Infected mother and breastfeeding

The Ministry of Health has instructed all its officers and physicians to convince COVID-19 positive breastfeeding mom to continue breastfeeding newborn babies. A newborn baby needs lots of care and regular attention.

corona positive mother can breastfeed the baby

Mothers with coronavirus can definitely breastfeed their babies. Mothermilk Can not harm children in any way.
If you do not breastfeed your newborn it will be harmful to his health.

Can breastmilk transmit coronavirus

 Coronavirus positive mother milk does not transfer disease through breastfeeding. It is exactly like HIV in which mother’s milk does not affect any disease on the child. Or the mother is suffering from malaria, fever , but the child is not harmed by her milk.

can corona positive mother breastfeed

Surely a breastfeeding mom suffering from coronavirus can breastfeed her babies.
The process of making a mother’s milk is a completely different in which there is no contact with the mother’s disease. Mother foremilk is important for newborn babies.

Breastfeeding Newborn with Precautions

Just clean your hands and take care of the hygiene of your clothes before coming in contact with the child every time. Before touching your newborn clean your hands with soap or Use sanitizer.

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