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Is Sunlight Good for Jaundice Treatment in Newborn Babies?

Filtered Sunlight is considered safe for the treatment of newborn babies who are suffering from jaundice. This is a low-tech solution that is inexpensive to the health problems of babies. This is causing permanent brain damage or death in more than 1,50,000 babies around the world. Usually, newborn babies are not recommended to face the sunlight directly because the skin has a very thin layer of protection which is very sensitive and burns easily. Sunlight contains high ultraviolet rays which is not safe. Anything excessive can be very harmful to you. The more the infant has exposed to the sun the more the risk of getting skin cancer increases.

However, a small amount of filtered sunlight to the infant is considered safe and healthy. More exposure to the sun may lead to skin cancer in infants. Toddlers up to the age of three years must avoid harsh sunlight. Small exposure of sunlight to the baby is safe and healthy for them. Infants under the age of 3 years lack in skin defense system which is not developed properly. Have a look at the following steps that can help the parents to maintain the skin of the infant in developing their natural defense system against serious sun damage. We will also discuss baby Jaundice treatmentat home in our Motherhoodcare blog.

What is Jaundice?

Jaundice is a very common condition in the newborn which refers to the yellow color of the skin and whitening of eyes which is caused by bilirubin in the blood. It is usually produced when the red blood cells complete their life cycle and die off. Bilirubin passes through the liver and is excreted through the intestines. Jaundice occurs when it builds up fastly and the liver of the newborn couldn’t break it down. When the Jaundice gets severe and gets in its worst form may cause brain damage and is termed as hyperbilirubinemia.

How to Treat Jaundice in Newborns?

Baby jaundice treatment at home

A certain amount of jaundice in the newborn is quite normal and there are several ways by which you can prevent it. One way is to put the baby in sunlight for jaundice in the first few days of life. It helps baby intestines to contract and excrete meconium. The faster the meconium is excreted the less the chances of bilirubin will be to get reabsorbed.

How Does Direct Sunlight is Helpful in Fighting From Jaundice?

jaundice treatment for newborn

Do you know why newborn babies are exposed to sunlight every day? Sunlight effectively breaks down the bilirubin. It is always considered helpful for the growth and development of the baby. It provides Vitamin D to boost immunity in newborn babies. Jaundice should be treated under medical supervision in a suitable environment. Babies should be kept for about 10 to 15 minutes under the low UV rays exposure. For babies, direct exposure to sunlight may cause a high risk of skin damage. Frequent nappy change is advisable to avoid skin problems. You can apply nappy rash creams to the affected areas and expose that area to open air. Counsel with your doctor to get the diet for jaundice.

What are the Benefits of Enjoying Sunlight?

jaundice treatment with sunlight

Our outer skin contains Ergosterol in it which is converted to Vitamin D when getting the sun rays. Vitamin D is responsible for controlling and regulating the level of calcium in the blood. It is helpful in maintaining the bones as well as teeth. The initial source of Vitamin D for the newborn babies is through their mother so if the mother has low availability of Vitamin D then it is a major risk for babies. Babies need Vitamin D and for this minimum exposure of sun for about 10 min will be sufficient.

How Long to Sunbathe Baby With Jaundice?

There are several apps available that indicate the sun protection times and provides current UV positions. You can also find the sun protection time at the Bureau of Meteorology website. Also, the live UV positions are available from ARPANSA. So if you are looking answer for how long to sunbathe your infant for Jaundice then a minimum of 10 minutes will be sufficient.

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