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Kangaroo Care: A Powerful And Effective Care for Newborn Baby!

What is Kangaroo Mother Care?

Kangaroo care or skin-to-skin care, practice of holding your newborn baby on your bare chest/breast, with a blanket draped over your baby’s back. Skin-to-skin contact benefits both you and your baby.  Kangaroo care for pre-term infants may be restricted to a few hours per day, but if they are medically stable that time may be extended.

Kangaroo care, named for the similarity to how certain marsupials carry their young, was initially developed to care for preterm infants in areas where incubators are either unavailable or unreliable.

Your newborn baby knows your touch and he/she’ll enjoy feeling that closeness with you. Kangaroo care gives something very special to your baby that only you can give.

kangaroo care benefits

Benefits of It : 

  • It Regulates heart and breathing rates
  • Helps in gain weight
  • Experience less time crying
  • It makes Breastfeeding Easier
  • Maintain his body warmth
  • Helps in deep sleep
  • Stabilize their organ function and self-regulation abilities
  • It Builds confidence and reduces stress as you provide intimate care
  • Avoid Infections

It Helps You Make Milk

When mom and baby are together, hormones that regulate lactation balance out, helping you produce more milk, Dr. Shah says.

Latest On Kangaroo Care

New research by Dr. Joy Lawn shows that Kangaroo Mother Care is one of the most powerful and effective ways to save preterm babies all over the world. Below are some of his statements.

“Acceptance of the KMC method is increasingly widespread and it is considered equivalent to conventional neonatal care for stable preterm infants and more parent and baby friendly”.

“It is evident that KMC has a substantial mortality effect compared with conventional neonatal care, and it is also evident that this mortality benefit is possible even at large scale”.

“No matter if babies are born in Lilongwe, London or Los Angeles, preterm babies need extra care to survive. Kangaroo Mother Care is low-cost and feasible, and we now have proof it is one of the most highly effective ways to give more babies the chance to survive and thrive.”

“There is no doubt this intervention can save lives — but the reality is that babies will continue to die unnecessarily unless we prioritize high-impact care (KMC)”.

kangaroo care

When To Start Kangaroo Care?

It depend on the baby’s condition, kangaroo care can begin immediately after delivery or may start after they are more stable. Even very small babies with major health issues or on a mechanical ventilator can benefit from these short sessions. Once your baby is stabilized, sessions should be at least an hour as anything less can be stressful for your baby.

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Dads Also Have A Role

Kangaroo care can empower dads so they also feel like a significant person in their infant’s life. It can be an opportunity for mothers and fathers to do something positive for their precious newborn.

father kangaroo care


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