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Nappy Rash Prevention and Treatment

When the skin near the urine and bottom area of the baby  becomes red and grows on it, it is called a nappy rash.Nappy rash is result of non passing  enough air in the baby’s skin.Due to repetitive  passing of urine and potty , the skin is constantly exposed to moisturisation.As the baby skin is very sensitive.

Cause of Nappy Rash

  • When the skin of the child is exposed to urine and potty for a long time.
  • Some mothers did not clean properly the potty from the baby’s bottom .
  • Baby’s genitals covered whole day .It needs air exposure for fe minutes in a day.
  • Not Cleaning the area of ​​the child with wet cotton with light hands.
  • Rubbing the skin aggressively .
  • Not using anti rash cream before wearing nappy.
  • More usage of disposable nappy.
  • Not changing disposable nappy after every four hour (standard)

Type of Diaper

  • Disposable Nappies
  • Non-Disposable Nappies/Cotton nappies


Disposable Nappies

Disposable nappies are those nappies which is one timer.In layman language can say use and throw nappies.Which can be used once.And not re-usable.These nappies are for different sizes.

Non Disposable nappies or cotton nappies

These nappies are made of cotton clothes.These are wash and use nappies.Can use many a time.Make sure you are making it germ free every time after washing these nappies.


Nappy Rash :Prevention and Treatment

Causes are itself treatment if followed just opposite way.Nappy rashes  are skin related buring ,itching situation where nobody feel happy.But the nappy rash specially relates to babies as they uses nappies on frequent basis.It is said that prevention is better than cure.Here are few points mentioned as nappy rash :prevention and treatment.

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  • Changing the nappies on regular basis is good option.keep on checking your baby on regular basis.
  • Do not use disposable nappy on frequent basis.
  • Use disposable nappies when you are outing.
  • In cold days it becomes tough to handle very large number of cotton nappies.At night sleeping time can use disposable nappies.This could be good for both of you.You and your baby can go for sound sleep.
  • Always apply anti rash nappy cream before you make your baby wearing disposable nappies.
  • First wash or wipes the bottom and genital area with wet cotton boll.Now apply the cream.
  • Leave your baby with bare bottom and genital areas for lets say half an hour or 15 minutes depends upon you.Air exposure on regular time interval is very much required.This will give your baby fresh and relief feeling.
  • In critical case,if your baby is uncomfortable and screaming consult your health care provider.
  • Health care provider can prescribe you suitable medicated cream for your baby.Theas cream contains zinc and steroid which is able to heal your baby skin and sound good treatment for nappy rash.
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