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Newborn baby Care after birth

It is a beautiful feeling for a parent to have a child when a husband and his wife decide. They decide to include this beautiful feeling in their day-to-day routine. After this decision, all their activities become focused for this child.

Waiting for this lovely baby, 9 months of every day are very hard. Now we can realize how precious a child is? His one laugh fills our lives with happiness.

Children and newborn are as sensitive as they are cute.Newborn care after delivery needs lots of attention. Along with love, responsibilities also increase with birth. Newborn babies, immunity is very weak.Taking care of new born babies are a challenging job.

Newborn Baby Care doctor’s advise

By adopting some of the simplest safety measures of a newborn baby, we can provide them in a safe atmosphere.

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Some Easy Tips for newborn care at home

newborn care after delivery and newborn care at home both are crucial, but with little patience, it can be handled.

  • Sanitization of your home: Before bringing your tiny tot home from the hospital, Sanitize your whole house. If there is no possibility to sanitize the whole house, then please sanitize the room in which your child will go to stay. So that the atmosphere of the house remains germ and virus free.It is a part of newborn care at home.
  • Self-hygiene before cuddling baby: Always touch and hold the child with clean hands. Before touching the baby, wash your hands with soap or use a sanitizer.
  • Room hygiene should be maintained: Always keep the baby bed clean as well as yours. Must change baby bed sheet every next day .
  • Safeguarding your infant from insect: Always use mosquito nets for the child. Try to buy a big bed net and also buy a small bed net. Always keep a large mosquito net on your bed. So that your little one can be protected from mosquitoes and flies.As we all know “prevention is better than cure.” And the handy net can be used when you are moving outside and very important part of newborn care at home.
  • Diaper storage and cleaning: Babies change diapers regularly. Make regular arrangements to keep dirty diapers. For this, you can keep a covered tub in your room. In which you can keep all those dirty diapers. Clean those diapers whenever you get time. By such way, your room will be organized.
  • Separate food and medicine box: Keep baby utensils such as a spoon, bowl, bottle and few glasses in a separate clean container. And we have to make similar arrangements to keep medicines also. babies depend upon breast milk. But in some special circumstances, have to depend on bottled milk. Keep your children’s utensils clean because dirty dishes attract germs and virus.
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Keeping abobe points in mind, you can fulfill the duty of being a good mother.It is wonderful to have a pleasant feeling of responsibility.


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