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Top 5 Winter Care Tips for Your Newborn Baby

Winter air is quite tough for the skin of everyone but generally, babies & toddlers are very much susceptible to the dry climate. Following some tips can help you in preventing dry skin and other discomfort related to the skin. Usually, babies need more layers of clothing as compare to adults. You just need to stick your hand inside the cloth of your baby to check if he is cold or not. If yes then he needs one more layer. Here we are providing the top 5 winter care tips for your newborn to keep his skin protected throughout the season.

  1. Make Bath Short for your Toddler- Though the water is hot enough but still the long time bathing can bring drying to your baby. Newborns don’t need to take baths on regular basis. You can focus on the diaper area, whereas three times a bath in a week is quite enough. For the non-bathing days, a quick wipe will be enough for your infant. You can use lukewarm water to reduce drying.
  2. Use Right Moisturizer- Moisturizers are very helpful in preventing dryness in the skin. For kids who have very dry or sensitive skin, you can use winter care products for babies that have both water and oil in it but no fragrances or chemical additives. Apply moisturizer generously after bath time to get the best results. For dry skin with rough patches, you can opt for a super-emollient ointment. Also, you can use cream instead of a lotion twice daily, if necessary for your baby’s care.

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3 . Avoid Overheat your House-Usually the low temperature and chilly winds cause chapped skin. So, if you wish to combat the cold, don’t toast your house instead keep it comfy and cool enough so that your infant bundle up to get sleep.

4. Hydrate Inside-Babies don’t need any additional liquids until they are in the age group of 4 and 6 months. You need to focus on breast milk to keep your baby hydrated. This ensures that he gets all the extra important nutrients. Toddlers must drink plenty of water. It is important to load your baby with water when it’s hot out.

5. Use Humidifier- You can plug a humidifier in your baby’s room when he is going to sleep at night. However, central heating in your home also sucks the moisture from the skin of your baby and you need to replenish it. Using a humidifier will help you put some of the moisture back in the house and into your baby’s skin.

winter care for babies

If your baby shows any signs of eczema, then you can moisturize your baby twice a day using an ointment. Eczema care is like prevention on the front end so it never gets uncomfortable for your baby. But you need to call the experts if your baby is feeling uneasy. Also if your baby has dry, sensitive, or red, irritated skin, then you can use a small amount of hydrocortisone cream on the impacted areas. If the inflammation or irritation doesn’t improve then meet your doctor. You can also give Kangaroo care to your newborn to keep him or her warm and comfortable.

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