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Planning For A Designer Baby Causes

Designer babies are defined as babies whose genetic makeup has been altered by genetic engineering.So that some particular traits are removed.
This is not a normal pregnancy considering that after genetic engineering, in vitro fertilization is done. Some of the commoner reasons for planning a designer baby are:

# 1 Increased Life Expectancy

As the defective genes have been discarded and only the healthy genes have been retained, your baby grows up without that usual mix of genes which are both good and bad. The result is that your baby will have life expectancy which is 30 years more than normal.

Increased Life Expectancy

# 2 Reduces Genetic Anomalies

When the baby is genetically engineered certain genetic disorders are eliminated. Some of the commoner diseases which your baby will not suffer from:
Alzheimer’s disease and Down’s syndrome are eliminated.

Reduces Genetic Anomalies

# 3 Inherited Dis-orders

This even reduces the probability of contracting genetically inherited disease conditions such as cancer, Diabetes and Obesity.

 Inherited Dis-orders
Thus indirectly it can even increase the survival chances for your baby in addition to minimizing these conditions.

# 4 Research Benefits

When you opt for a designer baby, it helps the experts learn more about the field and they could do wonders for future generations.

Research Benefits
#5 Better Existence

When you opt for genetic engineering, you are in effect helping your baby get better looks, intelligence and a disease free existence.

 Better Existence
Thus you are in effect giving her a better life in the years to come.

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