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How To Potty Train Your Baby –Tips And Tricks

Potty Training or ‘Toilet Training’ is best defined as the process of teaching children how to control their bladder and bowel movement.So that they can develop a discipline.And can follow potty discipline on time.

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When it comes to Potty training your baby there are some very specific steps that you can adopt:

# 1 Timing

Successful Potty training depends on emotional and physical readiness of your baby. Thus there is no specific age, while one mother may have to wait until her baby is three years old; there will be another who will have a ‘ready’ baby by the age of two years.

potty timing

Some important signs are when your baby is successful in staying dry for two or more hours at a time and shows an interest in the Potty or toilet seat.

Physical readiness is evident from the fact that your baby can sit and rise from the toilet seat without your assistance.

# 2 Bring Out the Equipment

Now is the time to buy that Potty chair and let your child get familiar with the chair. Teach your child how to sit on the chair securely with the feet resting firmly on the floor.

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Now talk about the purpose of the chair regularly so that your baby understands the utility of the chair.

# 3 Potty Breaks Schedule

Develop a Potty break schedule so that your baby begins to sit on the potty for a few minutes several times in a day.


This will get your baby familiar with the routine and comfortable with the surroundings.

# 4 Move Quickly

When you see the ‘signs’ that your baby may need to use the toilet, move fast and get your baby on the Potty before the act.

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Once the baby reaches the Potty Chair in time, make sure that you appreciate your baby for the excellent work done.

# 5 calls it quits and Re-group

If you feel that your baby is not getting the hang of it and is unable to use the Potty chair just yet, there is no cause for concern.

potty break

Just give the baby a break for a few weeks and then try again, chances are that you will succeed!

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