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Precautions For Infants Massage

As this is the  best defined as the process of rhythmically massaging the body of your baby while using gentle strokes and utilizing moisturisers and lotions to keep your body supple and your movements smooth.Knowing the right massaging process with right moves is just not enough.

Your baby’s skin is very soft and tender and must be handled carefully.You Should be aware of it’s cautions part as well.This article is specially drafted for the clarity of precaution taken by each and every mother.

               Precautions and Massage

Taking precautions while massaging your baby are important for the safety of your little one. Some of the more important precautions may include:

# 1 Keep the Touch Firm

If you use very light strokes, it could get very tickly for your baby!

On the other hand, if you apply too much of pressure, it could hurt your baby; thus it is imperative that you exert just the right amount of pressure.

# 2 Create a Connect

This is not a chore; rather this is an experience that you would not want to miss. When you massage your baby, you should also talk and laugh with your baby.

mother connects-baby

With the passage of time you will find it reassuring that you baby begins to enjoy the experiences per se.

# 3 Delicate Manoeuvres

Always remember that your baby is delicate and you need that perfect touch and pressure so as to ensure that you never hurt or damage your baby.

To further elaborate, make sure that you do not pull her wrists or fingers while massaging her hands.



Finally it could well be concluded that Massaging is one of the more ethereal experiences for the mother and the baby.

This could be attributed to the fact that during a session, the mother and the child connect on an emotional and physical level and there is more this relationship than just mere physical form per se.

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