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If you are pregnant and are expecting a baby or have just delivered one then you need to read on…..

Changing trends and advanced techniques have led to well structured program and solutions in healthcare.

Mind Set

Thus it is not surprising that there has been paradigm shift in recent times and the focus has shifted from disease cure to prevention.This is best achieved by starting early and adopting a Baby vaccination Program for you baby:

Baby Vaccination Defined

Baby vaccination is best defined as the technique of administering bacteria or viruses of a certain disease to your baby.

This ensures that her immune system develops the right defence against that particular disease condition.The logical result is that your baby develops a protection against that particular disease during her childhood years.

Vaccines Demystified

Some of the common vaccines which will be administered to your baby include:

# 1 BCG

This vaccine helps develop protection against Tuberculosis in your baby.  Your doctor will inject the vaccine in the outer region of the arm of your baby.

This offers protection or immunity against Tuberculosis for 15 years.

# 2 Oral Polio Vaccines

Polio or Poliomyelitis, as it is better connoted in medical parlances, is a disease condition which can lead to paralysis. Thus it is critical that your baby is immunized against this disease condition by administering Oral Polio Vaccine or OPV.

# 3 DPT Vaccines

This is a combination vaccine which helps create immunity against three major disease conditions:

Diphtheria, Whooping Cough or Pertussis, as it is better known in medical parlance, and Tetanus

# 4 MMR Vaccines

This is yet another combination vaccine and will protect your baby against Measles, Mumps and German measles.

# 5 Hepatitis B Vaccines

Hepatitis B is a life threatening disease condition and the vaccine is important as it protect your liver from getting damaged.

Baby Vaccination Program

Thus it is more than evident that introducing the baby to a Baby Vaccination Program is critical:

At Birth

At birth your baby should be scheduled to get:

  • OPV – Oral Polio Vaccine Dose 1 for Poliomyelitis

  • BCG – Dose 1 for Tuberculosis

  • Hep B – Hepatitis B Vaccine Dose 1 for Viral Hepatitis Type B

Cautions and Precautions

Similar to most medications, although Vaccines have an inherent ability to protect your child against diseases, it can also have certain adverse effects:



  • If your child is allergic to Baker’s Yeast then avoid Hepatitis B vaccine
  • .Alternatively if your child is allergic to Streptomycin or Gentamycin then she should avoid taking Influenza Vaccine
  • .Concurrently allergy to eggs means that vaccines like Influenza, Measles and Mumps are best avoided.

Thus it is more than evident that if your baby has some kind of allergy, you must share that information with your Doctor before starting the vaccination program.


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