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Routine Baby Vaccination Schedule-Final Stage

One year the most crucial part has been completed .Now the vaccines are reduced in numbers.You have to remember few vaccines,which is revealed here

15 Months

fifteen month baby

Once your baby completes 15 months of age, second dose of MMR is given to your baby.

16 – 18 Months

A month after that your baby is given a booster dose of Hib and Diphtheria.

18 Months

Now is the time for the second dose of Japanese Encephalitis and Hep A or Hepatitis A

2 Years

At two years your baby is a big girl and you should give her the booster for Typhoid

4-6 Years

At 4 years of age your child is ready for the third dose of Oral Polio Vaccine and boosters for Typhoid and DPT.

At 10 Years

When your child is 10 years of age, administer Tetanus Toxoid to your baby so as to prevent the onset of Tetanus.

Girl Child at 9-14 Years of Age

girl child vaccination schedule

Girl children are always treated as special.So few special vaccines are there

If your daughter is in this age bracket then administer Human Papilloma Virus. This will protect your baby from Cervical Cancer.
The regime is simple; there is an interval of 6 months between the first and the second dose.

                      Cautions and Precautions

Cautions and Precautions
Vaccines must be used with caution as they also have some adverse effects. The commonest adverse affect that your baby will experience is allergies.
Children who have an allergy to antibiotics like Neomycin should avoid taking MMR Vaccines.
Conversely those children who are allergic to eggs should not be given Influenza, Measles and Mumps.

Now you can assume that your vaccination part is Complete.Now you can feel relax little bit.But parenthood is such a long journey with no full stop.Enjoy your parenthood endless journey.

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