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Safe Bath For Your Baby

Cleaning  closely relate to the hygiene of your baby.For the safe bath for your baby Cleaning is very important part Cleaning may contain baby wiping,bathing and sponging .Bathing is the natural and best way of Baby cleaning.Being a parents baby bathing is not as difficult as it seems.Just keeping some things in mind makes this work easy.

Essential steps for a safe bath

To make a safe bath for your baby, you need to know more about it.Keep few step in your mind:

  • Fill the tub with lukewarm water. Fill up to 6 to 8 feet of tub from the tub for 6 months of age.
  • First fill the tub with lukewarm water. Fill up to 6 to 8 cm of tub from the tub for 6 months baby.
  • Fill the tub till the extent that it could Come to the waist of water for the baby above 6 months.
  • Fill the cold water first in the tub then filled with hot water. Before bathing the child put water in the water and determine the temperature of the water.
  • Now put the infant in a water-filled tub and now with the help of a hand to the baby’s back and bathed your baby with the other hand .
  • First clean the hair but keep in mind that shampoo does not fall in the eyes of the baby.
  • It depends on the mother that she chooses the shampoo option first or later.
  • If the water is filled in the tub, do not leave the baby in the tub alone.
  • When the baby is bathing, make a distance from the mobile phone.
  • For some reason, if you have to take a break in the mid of baby shower ,take your baby alongwith you.
  • Do not put more number number of toys in your baby bath tub.


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