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Side Effect Of Stem Cell Transplant


Stem cell banking is good process simultaneously having few Side Effect Of Stem Cell Transplant.

Nevertheless similar to most options, Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Banking is not without disadvantages. Some of the commoner disadvantages may well include:

# 1 Expensive Option

Storing and retrieving Umbilical Cord Stem Cell tissues comes expensive if you opt for a private bank. On the contrary public banks allow you to store free of cost, but then anyone can use the tissue and blood.

# 2 Rare Occurrences

Research has now proved that there is only a 1 in 127 chance probability of your baby needing a transplant in the future.

Thus you may have paid for enrollment, transportation and storage of umbilical cord blood, however your baby may never use it in the future.

# 3 Limitations

There are limitations considering that umbilical cord blood and stem cells tissue does not always help. To further elaborate, if a baby has a spinal cord anomaly, then the cord blood will also harbour the same genetic defect.

Thus logically your baby cannot be treated by their own umbilical cord stem cell tissue or blood.


Thus it could well be concluded that the new buzzword in curative health is Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy. In times to come, this could transform the way medicine and taught and practiced across the word.




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