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Teething Basics – Myths and Facts


When you are new to parenting,you must having lots of queries in your mind.You must be getting lots of suggestion from your family and friends.But it becomes really tough to understand what is right and what is wrong.I am here to help you about how to nail out few myths with facts.

Myth And Facts

‘Teething Causes Fever’

Although teething can irritate the gums and can increase the body temperature slightly, it seldom crosses 100 Fahrenheit.

If your baby has fever over 100 there could be some other problem for this.

‘Too early to cut Teeth’

Although the average age for the first teeth to appear is four months, your baby can get their teeth earlier too.

In fact some babies are born with teeth, and if they are in place there is nothing that you need to do about it!

These teeth are known as ‘Natal Teeth’.

On the other hand, under normal circumstances teeth first begin to emerge from the gums when the baby is four to six months of age. The bottom two teeth in the front emerge first; this is followed by the top two front teeth emerging.

Over the next two years all the other teeth emerge, the last ones to surface are the molars which are visible from 23 to 33 months of age.

‘There are no teeth!’

It is possible that the baby may be six months to one year old and there are still not teeth!

There is no cause for alarm, considering that although there are still not teeth they are coming and it is only a matter of time.

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‘Teething causes Diarrhoea’.

This is just a myth and there is no medical data to support this fact. Diarrhoea in babies is due to a virus infection and not due to teething.

                             About First Teeth

As the name suggests, the first teeth that ‘surface’ onto the gums of your baby are called the ‘First Teeth’ or ‘Milk Teeth’.

These teeth are not permanent in nature and will fall off after a few years. They are then replaced by permanent teeth.

I suppose this article must have cleared your lots of confusion about teething.enjoy the new feeling of first teeth of your baby with good thoughts.


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