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Water Introduction Guide To Baby

The medical fraternity is of the opinion that the right time to introduce water to the baby is six months of age.

Your baby gets all the hydration that she needs from breast milk and formula from birth to six months of age.

Hazards of Introducing Water before Six Months of Age

When you first introduce your baby to water, make sure that you give just a few sips of water. If you should give more than that your baby will complain of:

# 1 Stomach Pain

If you should give more than a few sips of water to your baby, she may complain of stomach pain or abdominal colic; as it is better known in medical jargon.

# 2 Malnourished Babies

The logic is simple, if your baby begins to consume water early, she will find it difficult to absorb nutrients from the mother’s milk.

Concurrently consuming more of water fills up her tummy quickly and she begins to refuse breast milk.

This invariably leads to impaired nutrition and your baby may be malnourished or poorly nourished in spite of your best efforts.

# 3    Water Intoxication

The condition can be potentially life threatening and is commoner than one would believe. The logic is simple; your baby has a thirst reflex just like any adult.

When you offer your baby water he will accept it willingly as he has a thirst reflex too. The outcome is alarming considering that it will fill his tummy and he will refuse breast milk.

water to baby

This increased load of water on the baby’s immature kidneys results in water intoxication and clouding of the brain.

Thus logically it could even lead to increased mental drowsiness and even coma.

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