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Baby Development And Growth

Dear Parents ,it’s precious time to see the development of your baby before your eyes.Your child’s naughty and eye catchy activities fills your life with lots of  precious memories.Your baby gradually develop the sense of smiling,face recognition,try to mumbling,sitting,playing and many more activities.

With all those activities a mother must keep her eye on baby weight,baby head growth and height development.There are  some ideal growth rate which defer from baby to baby.For the proper baby development you should consult your doctor.

Baby development and growth -Time -size

A mother starts to keep an eye on her baby from day one.

Four Week-Baby development and growth

  • When your baby is four week old she will start giving you signals
  • Your baby will start watching the things in her surroundings.
  • Your baby will start tracking the moving objects.
  • Baby will start responding over voice .
  • Baby will enjoy and feel the mother touch and start liking it also.
  • Can see the objects till 10 metre long distance .

Eight weeks-Baby development and growth

  • Now your baby will give you smile .Now your turn to respond .
  • Baby can start murmuring .
  • Now focus on voices and try to listen carefully.
  • Baby starts staring faces.
  • Now baby can target  objects at 180 degree.
  • Starts open his/her fist.
  • Now baby start expressing his/her feelings.

Twelve Weeks-Baby development and growth

  • Baby can handle his neck.
  • Now baby is trying to speak up ,which is not possible.Baby is making few noisy words like aah ,gah ,ohh etc.
  • Baby like music.
  • Baby is able to differentiate between familiar people and strangers.
  • Baby can recognise her hand and like to play with own hands.
  • Baby like to pick up the objects.

Sixteen Weeks-Baby development and growth

  • The child laughs loudly .
  • Baby starts to overturn the body.
  • The face of the decision maker looks on the face.
  • Child Stretches the arm toward things.
  • If your baby  do not like any work then he/she refuses.
  • Baby start movement of objects from one hand to another hand.
  • Now Baby is stimulated by eating food and by seeing it also.
  • When we stand the baby, weighs on the body and also shooks his/her body.

Twenty Eight Weeks-Baby development and growth

  • Now your baby is able  sit for a while.
  • Your baby can hold things by using his/her thumb and index finger.
  • Baby can circulates the objects or toys from one hand to another hand.
  • Baby can start taking cup sipping .
  • Now started gazing object carefully .
  • Now your baby able to imitates the expression of his nearby people.Like parents and relatives.Start behaving good manner before your baby.
  • Babies Started watching mirror and can identify themselves.
  • Now babies are more expressive about their mood and liking and disliking.

Forty Weeks-Baby development and growth

  • Baby started crawling properly.
  • Now your baby started sitting so long in one strech.
  • started speaking few basic  words in his/her native language
  • Now your baby love to play hide and seek game.
  • started walking few step by holding hand .
  • Started putting up his/her reaction toward family and friends like hi,bye etc

One Year-Baby development and growth

Congratulation! now you are ready to celebrate first birthday of your baby.

  • Babies started putting  pressure on his leg and can stand themselves.They can go forward by taking few steps ahead.
  • Baby is now roaming here and there in home.
  • Baby starts climbing up the ladder.
  • It starts moving in your disagreement. She says if she does not like it.
  • baby started mimics.
  • It seems like obeying, come here, sit down,stand up,go there etc
  • Open the book and looks at the pictures carefully.
  • Occasionally looking at pictures of food drinkers and demanding them.

Thing to be noted

Every child develops differently. Some children start walking in 11 months and some start walking in 13 months after a year.Mother should just try and help in the development of the child.Anything on the child should not be comparing to see the development of other children.

So ,stay healthy and only then you can keep your baby healthy.




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