Colostrum – First Milk For Baby

What is Colostrum??


Colostrum generally known as first milk, fore milk or breasting which comes out initially. It is a form of milk produced by mother after delivery of the baby. It is yellowish in color, thick and sticky in nature, low in volume.

First food for your baby

Generally expected time for colostrum is 6 hour to 48 hour after delivery. It differs from mother to mother. Every mother having different genes that is why body produce milk in different time span. This is the first food of the baby, concentrated nutrition,in spite of water ,honey or animal milk. No Doctor recommends animal milk for baby,that is advisable after 6 month.


Benefits for the baby

  • Colostrum is very rich in carbohydrates, proteins, sodium chloride and Vitamin A, but contains lower amounts of lipids, and potassium than mature milk.
  • colostrum contains growth and antimicrobial factors and clears excess bilirubin which helps prevent jaundice.
  • The antibodies like IgA (protects the baby in the places most likely to come under attack from germs, namely the mucous membranes in the throat, lungs, and intestines)IgG, and IgM  in colostrum boots immunity.
  • Helps in growth factors that help the premature baby’s digestive system adjust to oral feedings.
  • It contains biologically active properties and molecules essential for life.
  • Colostrum helps in passing the first stool of the baby is called meconium.
  • Colostrum contain less fat than mature milk, so that baby can digest easily.



Myth to be avoided

Few mother treats it waste milk as it appears in yellow color. They do not put colostrum in baby ‘s mouth,assuming as it is “Pus”.

It is full of antibodies ,preserves your baby from lots of infections.Do not find it unclean .It is as as safe as milk and even more than milk .can be treated like first Vaccination for you bundle of joy.



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