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Does Nipple Size Determines Milk Quantity for your Baby

Being a woman it is a pleasant feeling to be a mother. In the beginning, many of us as a  naive mother lacking the information. But after becoming a mother gradually we feel the confidence of being a smart mother.

Breastfeeding and especially colostrum is considered the best and an essential diet for the babies until 6 months. In our blog motherhood care, we will disclose about the types of the nipple and does it really affects the quantity of milk.

Types of Nipples

You should know under Which category your breast lies? Let’s know about the types of nipples and in which breast category it falls?

First, we need to talk about a common breast shape which is normally expected in all women. Normal breast shape with even nipples normally seen a slight embossed normal level. It is considered to be good for newborn babies to breastfeed milk and also considered attractive.



Flat Nipple does not make any difference. You should understand that nipple is not the source of the milk to the baby. It is the areola which helps the baby to get milk. The nipple is the only outer source of milk. It is the Areola from which Milk gets out of. Make sure that your nipples get raised, try to pull the nipple away slowly. If directly stand is suitable for breastfeeding. New mom no need to worry about, your baby will the enough milk. Size of the nipple is not the criteria for milk quantity.

Inverted Nipples

An inverted nipple is going ahead in an inverted manner. Such nipple does not come out. It goes inwards on the inside and after so many days trying it is difficult to get out. That makes it difficult for the children to feed. It is very important for the mother to consult the doctor because if the nipple does not come outside then the  Children will have discomfort in breastfeeding.

Most of the female’s invert nipples often come outwards during pregnancy. After having a child, nipples come out towards the side so that the newborn baby can breastfeed easily. Inverted nipples are not always the problem. Try to bring it out and even after trying to take it out, it does not come out you should try to get them out.


The long nipple can cause a problem in breastfeeding. With the long nipple breastfeeding the baby only catches the nipple and unable to take Areola in its mouth. If you feel problematic, bring your baby closer to your breast while breastfeeding so that your  NIPPLE can be well fit in its mouth and baby can have milk easily. The main objective is to fill the child’s stomach. Keep your baby close to your breast.


Normal breasts are attractive and embossed, and the nipples are also in their true stage. Your child has easy access to milk and the mother does not have to be tense more. In this scenario, the baby does not have to work harder to gets its food.

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It depends on the circumstances if the nipple is in the right shape and the baby usually takes it the mouth. After breastfeeding newborn baby gets it’s stomach full and takes a good sleep, need not worry then. This process facilitates the mother also and the child gets the necessary comfort. Your child’s full growth is considered to be the best of the normal.

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