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How to identify children’s interest

It is a big challenge for every parent to ponder upon How to identify children’s interest. Don’t be disappointed if your child is not studious .Your happiness should not be based on the examination results or mark sheet. As a parent, you must understand that it is a part of your parenting. Mark-sheet numbers are not the measure of success in anyone’s life.

Not many successful people of this world topped the studies still they are successful.We have many examples of this. See a few of them:

Sachin Tendulakar

Sachin Tendulkar is known as the god of cricket and he is just a High School pass. In his childhood, Sachin used to stay out on the nets for practice and dedicated to his practice.

R Madhvan

R Madhvan is a great Bollywood actor and his statement about low marks “I would like to tell those whose numbers have come down that I have scored only 58% in my board exam. The game has just started and you have to go far.”

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is considered the world’s most learned man and his IQ level is the highest in the world but in his school days, he was known as even below an average student.

Walt Disney

We all know about the famous Walt Disney.Disney Was founded by Walt Disney. Few people know that he dropped his High School to join the army and there got rejected by the army because of underage.

Mark Zuckerberg

He enrolled himself to Howard University after his graduation. Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college just to pursue his new company formation. Mark wants to chase his dream and now we all know about Facebook.

Above mentioned  name are few examples only.

This does not at all mean that we should not pay attention to is very much important and we need to understand.

How to identify children’s interest area

Your child’s intellectual ability is directly related to their interest, thinking and understanding. The sooner you recognize the choice for children, Can find possibilities for his/her favourite interest.

Some special ways to identify children’s choices

Talking to your youngster every day

Talking to your kids daily is the best way to identify your young ones and their interest.
The more you talk to them, the more openness they feel. It will be easy for them to convey his mind to you and that would be beneficial so whatever they think will tell you. You can easily understand what they want to do in their life.

Watch children’s activities carefully

By noticing your kids activities carefully, you will be able to understand their thinking process. It would be simpler to know what their mind and heart liked to do. Few children are introverted so they are unable to speak their mind to anyone. In such circumstances, the best way is to watch and review their behaviour carefully.

Recognize children’s likes and dislikes

Observe your kids activity and analyse their activities then it would be easy for you to understand that work does he like to do continuously and wants to repeat it? Their behaviour will help you know about what likes and dislikes.

Welcome kids initiative

If your young one initiates anything sensible . Encourage your kids for any kind of initiative if he takes and that will give him a sense of confidence and he would like to take the initiative again and again?

Stay connected with children’s friend circle

Stay always connected with your youngster’s circle of friends and it is also necessary to keep information about their family. This can be a great source of information about your kid which is extremely important in today’s situation.


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