Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ Pregnancy

FAQ-Drinking Water And Beverages During Pregnancy

#1 Is it true that much intake of caffeine can be hazardous while I am pregnant?

Yeah,Some research shows that large amount of caffeine leads towards miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, and withdrawal symptoms in infants.

#2 How much caffeine intake permissible during pregnancy?

Caffeine intake in moderate way is permissible, when you are taking it once or twice in a day.

#3 Can you advise me what to drink rather than caffeinated beverages?

. It is important to drink plenty of water, juice, and milk rather than caffeinated beverages.

#4 Is green tea is good for health?

Yes, Green tea is good for health, but avoid green tea during pregnancy. It works as a constraint to absorb Folic Acid, which is very important food intake of your daily pregnancy diet.

#5 Is caffeine is helpful in handling my Pregnancy mood swing?

Yes, It helps in Mood Swing, when taken in permissible quantity.

#6 What is the permissible number of cup of tea or coffee?

Two Cup of tea or coffee is allowed during pregnancy.one is in morning and another is in evening?

#7 Can I have few sips of alcohol during pregnancy?

No, not even single drop of alcohol is permissible during pregnancy till breastfeeding phase.

#8 How much water should I take during my pregnancy?

When you are pregnant should intake at least take 2-3 liter of water. Lots of problem can be solved by taking proper water intake. Water helps in handling Dizziness during pregnancy.

#9 How much milk is sufficient for my calcium need during pregnancy?

One liter milk is sufficient for your calcium requirement while you are pregnant. Apart from this you can go for, source of good bacteria i.e. Curd.

# 10 How much Pasteurization is important if I am taking milk?

Pasteurization is a process which makes milk bacteria free. So always go for unpasteurized milk and yoghurt prepared from unpasteurized milk.






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