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Food For Fresh,Healthy And Happy Vegina

Vegina is very sensitive and important part of your body.Getting fresh,healthy and happy vegina is no more secret.You have to make a slight change in your eating pattern.And certainly you are going to have fresh,healthy and happy vegina.

Foods to eat for Fresh,Healthy and Happy vegina

Eat yogurt/Probiotic

Yogurt is a source of “good” bacteria that makes your  vagina to stay healthy.Yoghurt must be part of your daily diet. You can replenish your body’s bacteria by making yogurt part of your daily diet. Eating yogurt is a wonderful way to prevent and treat veginal yeast infections.

Other foods besides yogurt also help your body in this way.Fermented foods like Kimchi, kombucha can be substituted for yogurt if you do not like to have cud on daily basis.

If you are not interested for yogurt on daily basis you can go for yogurts pills also.


Eat lots of fruit

Cranberries, pineapples, strawberries, and other fruits help to freshen the smell of the liquids secreted by the vagina. Eating fruits makes you feel fresh and lite and it helps to develop a more pleasant scent if that’s something you’re concerned about. Fruit has a high water content, and staying hydrated helps flush the body of toxins that can lead to bad smells.


Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons and are also important for Vitamin C.

Drinking plenty of water

Drinking lots of water is very good way of hydrating your skin.Flush out your all the contaminated stuff or toxin from your body and speed up your metabolism rate .Your vegina will feel smooth ,supple and moisturized.



Hard Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds including walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and almonds contain Vitamin E, and this is great for vaginal health as it is Vitamin E that prevents vaginal dryness.

Nuts and Seeds

Zinc is also abundant in these foods, and the essential mineral is vital in regulating our menstrual cycles, all in all helping to keep your at a comfortable, manageable and predictable level.

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

sweet Potatos are filled up with Vitamin A.This is a vitamins that contributes to making our uterine walls  strong, which boosts the production of hormones that fills up with energy.


Eating garlic prepares your body for fighthing with bad bacteria. Garlic has properties to kill yeast.It is an  effective tool for preventing and treating yeast infections.
Eating cooked or raw garlic a few times a week is a great way to keep your vagina healthy. It also helps to get rid of bad vaginal odor.
Above mentioned ediable going to help you in keeping your vegina fresh,healthy and happy vegina. Keep following such discipline ,you will get the desired result.


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