Baby Care Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ

Frequently Asked Question-Baby Boy Genital


1#How to clean my baby boy genital?

Wash the skin of the baby boy genitals  and bottom and clean urine and dirt which used to accumulate  with clean water and do not apply soap on it.Because your baby skin is too soft and supple.It does not need any additional moisturiser.

2# When my baby boy gentinal or his penis going to open or how much time it takes to get open?

Penis time varies from baby to bay.As every baby boy genital is  having different growth time size.It normally takes 2-3 year.In few baby case it takes 4 year also.

3#Should I put old in my baby boy genital/penis?

Health care consultant do not advice to put oil in baby boy penis.It can attract dust and can cause infection as well.

4# Should I blow air into  my baby boy penis?

Few people would like to use the blow air method to increase the flexibility of there baby boy penis.Which actually does not work as it seems to be.By blowing air into your baby boy penis can harm your baby boy genital.If you want to blow you can try the very light blow of air.Otherwise it can cause skin damage.

5# I am not able to open the skin of my baby boy penis.Is it fine ?Or should I visit the health care consultant.

You should not be very afraid about the your baby boy penis.If the hole of urinary is visible.You need not to worry.You should start making flow of the that it is easy to open and easy to clean baby boy genital.For the hygiene of your baby boy it is necessary to do.



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