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Breastfeeding Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ


#1 Do I really need a Breast Pump?

If you need to express milk from your breasts occasionally then you can opt for hand expression. On the contrary if you need to remove on a more regular basis then opt for a Breast Pump.

#2 when should I use a Breast Pump?

If your baby is ill or premature then she may find it difficult to suckle and express milk from your breasts. In situations such as these you will need to use a breast pump to express milk.
On the contrary if you are a working mother then you would need to express milk and store it for your baby.

# 3 when is the best time to use a Breast Pump?

The best time to pump milk is immediately after your baby takes a feed. This will ensure that your breasts are full the next time that your baby is ready to feed.

# 4 what type of Pump should I use?

One of the most critical decisions that you will have to make is about finding the right breast pump.
The market has numerous options like personal, manual, electric and hospital grade pumps. To further elaborate the case in point, if you would like to express milk sparingly then opt for the manual pump as it is convenient to use and the least expensive.
On the contrary if you are a working mother and are away for long periods of time then opt for an electric pump which can be plugged into an electric power source.

# 5 when can I start pumping Breast Milk?

The preferred option is to begin pumping after the baby is used to suckling from the breast. One of the mistakes that first time mothers make is to start breast pumping immediately after birth.
This will make the baby prefer bottled breast milk over suckling as it is easier and quicker.

# 6 what is nipple confusion?

If you expose your baby to bottle teats first and breast suckling later, it is a distinct possibility that your baby will be confused. This could be attributed to the fact that the baby finds bottled teats more convenient as this ensures a rigid teat and a steady supply of milk.
On the contrary breast feeding will require your baby to open his mouth wide, latch on to the breast and then use forty muscles to pump milk from the breast if he is to fill his tummy.

# 7 Can I use a ‘used’ pump?

You must never use a ‘used’ pump. The logic is simple; a ‘used’ pump will have harboured bacteria and viruses.
Thus regardless of how well you sterilize or clean the pump, these bacteria will continue to stay and multiply. This can lead to transmission of disease and infection to your new born baby.

# 8 how can I improve my pumping efficiency?

Milk is secreted from the breasts once you are in contact with your baby. Thus when you have a machine instead of your baby attached to your breast it may be difficult to secrete milk.
This is best countered by ensuring that you are comfortably seated and have some belonging of your little one in your hands as you attach the machine. This will ensure a copious secretion of milk.

# 9 how can I find the right place to pump at work?

The law dictates that if you are a feeding mother then the employer must provide you with space with privacy. This will ensure that you pump milk in a discrete and private place. It is also outlined that this place should not be a bathroom in the workplace.

# 10 how often do I need to Pump?

In the beginning you will need to pump every two hours and the duration of pumping should be fifteen to twenty minutes per session.
If you want to increase the secretion of milk, then you should pump round the clock. Night sessions are more important considering that the hormones responsible for milk secretion are at their highest level between one and five AM.

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