travelling with a baby
Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ



1# What documents should I keep in my mind?

First thing is you and Your baby will need a ticket though he/she might not own a seat, according to the airline policies.


2#What other than the ticket in terms of documents should I carry ?

Passports/Visas both are as important as ticket for you and your baby to travel in any international countries.

3#My baby is infant, still I have to book a seat for her?

Yes, you have to book a seat for your infant. According to the airline policies, if one adult is carrying two infants then a seat has to be booked for the second.


4# How much eating stuff  I can carry while travelling in air?

The security agents would open the containers that are heavier than 400 grams. So, a better option is to pack baby foods in 100 gram containers.

5# How to carry liquids for my baby while travelling in Air?

You can take milk and water too for your baby, but they must be packed in baby bottles.Always take some extra milk and water with you because security agents might want to ask you to taste the food you are carrying. You can take formula milk in a well packed sterilized bottle as well.Always use a spill proof container for liquids.

6# What should be baby engagement programme?

Nothing is from te air attendant,You have to keep ready few new games and toys for your baby. Try and keep a firm grip on your baby so that turbulence won’t cause inconvenience.

7# What baby stuff should I keep in my mind?

Always keep a handy bag for baby stuff like nappies and wash bags for your baby.Keeping baby wipe is also a good idea. Few sphere cloths, a hand towel must be in your bag.

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8# Electronics gadgets will be going to give me a space?

Yeah always carry full charge mobile alongwith it’s charger.

9#  Ops! I  forget something?

You must carry your travelling country currency.Before leaving for any country make sure that you have exchanged the currency which is enough for your expenses.

10# KYC details Missing, is it so?

Always Keep your kyc documents i.e.Identification documents like voter ID,PAN card or Driving licence etc.

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