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Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ Pregnancy

FAQ healthy pregnancy diet

1# What is the balanced and right healthy foods to eat during pregnancy?

There is nothing more important than the right healthy foods to eat during pregnancy. Absence of the right healthy pregnancy diet can lead to low birth weight complications and congenital malformations. The right and healthy pregnancy diet is a rainbow diet chart and adequate fluids which one-litre milk and 3-4-litre water.

2# What is the most healthy pregnancy diet contains?

The most required healthy pregnancy diet contains  Iron, Calcium and Folate. This triangle certainly plays a vital role in the development of your baby while you are pregnant.

3# Should I plan a healthy pregnancy diet my pattern trimester basis?

There is no hard and fast rule to follow but still, you have to add a healthy pregnancy diet in your plate. As your fetus is growing and the nutrition requirement is changing month by month. So, it is good to point to keep in your mind. Following eating pattern trimester wise is a good option and healthy foods to eat during pregnancy is a good choice also.

4# What is Rainbow Diet Chart for pregnant women?

When your food plate is full of different colour of food i.e. rice, pulse, vegetables, minerals, salad is known as rainbow diet. By having a rainbow plate all your need is supposed to fulfil. This healthy snacks for a pregnant woman can help in fighting with mood swings also.

5# What is the Right energy booster healthy food for pregnant women?

Getting the much-needed energy boost during the pregnancy is best achieved by consuming a diet rich in complex carbohydrates and proteins. Consuming fruits such as apples regularly is also a good option. They are a rich source of carbohydrates which in turn converts to energy giving you the much-needed boost during pregnancy. This combination is the most appropriate healthy food for pregnant women.

6# Is that healthy snacks for pregnant women could be a superfood?

Yes, during your pregnancy, you will need to replenish with additional calories without significantly increasing the quantity of food that you consume. This could be best achieved by adding some superfoods to your pregnancy diet chart i.e. apricot, blueberries, cereal balance, fruits like apple and banana etc. Few healthy snacks for pregnant women are puffed rice, baked flattered rice, baked gram and groundnuts etc.

7# How much calorie should I needed during pregnancy?

Daily calorie requirement during the pregnancy is 400-500 calories extra. One adult calorie need is 2200 calorie (standard).In the case of food craving, you need to take care of your calories too.

8# Should I go for two-person food during pregnancy?

Two-person calorie intake is 4500 calories which are not required for an expecting mother. A fetus or your baby in womb required only 400 to 500 calorie maximums. More food intake is not good, only the required calorie needed. only healthy pregnancy diet requires.

9# If I am carrying twins how much calorie needed during pregnancy?

Your calorie intake will grow as your twin’s nutrition requirement increases. That is hardly 200 calories. Total calorie intake is 600 calories is enough for your twins. Excess calorie can lead more weight.Your weight should not increase more than the recommended weight.

10# If I am vegetarian, whether my fetus will get all the nutrition required?

Yes, it is possible to have all the nutrition which is required for your baby. It can be possible only taking the proper balanced food and fluid. Healthy foods to eat during pregnancy is important.

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