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Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ Healthy Life


1#Which eating stuff should I carry while travelling in train ?

Carry different pouch bag or 100gm containers where you can put lots of different variety of eating stuff i.e.light snacks,buiscuit bottle of water,  milk and a container of  cereals.

2#What should I carry for my engagement ?

Child can keep you engaged whole day.When your baby  is sleeping can go for book reading.

You can read good books to keep yourself busy when your toddler is asleep.

3# How to correct my toddler’s long journey?

travelling in train means long journey , Your child might get irritated. you should be very polite in answering the question.

4# what should I carry to make my journey easier?

You can carry a Foldable pram stroller, a electric thermos.

5#What baby stuff should I carry ?

According to wether keep the clothes ,warm or cotton fabrics.If you are travelling during transition period from summer to winter, then you might want to take some winter clothes because you never know what situation might delay your return.

6#What else can I do for my baby?

If you are travelling with a 3-year toddler, he/she might want a new toy from the person selling the toy in the train or station. So, to keep your toddler happy you should purchase him/her that toy.

7#Few things which should I keep in my mind?

Always keep your ticket and Id proof ready in your handy bag.Keep few coins and your country currency and plastic money for future rquirement.

8# What safety concern should be in my mind ?

If you are the only parent travelling with your kid, then always be absolutely aware of your surrounding and never leave your child alone while going to the restroom or anywhere.always careful from stranger.

9# Should I carry medicines if I am planning for train travel?

While travelling you should have medicines related to headaches, stomach problem or normal fever. You can consult a doctor too for your kid’s medicines before travelling.

10# Some electronics should be kept in my mind?

Your fully charged mobile along with charger. you should have some internet balance in your phone because wi-fi network is not available everywhere.


Travelling is a very fun activity and therefore, you should not take stress even if you are travelling with your kid and the above points are just for awareness.

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