Baby Care Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ



1# What is the right time for Baby Bath?

It depends upon weather of your location. If is hot summer, you can go for a baby bath at 9 am or afterwards. And in winters you need to wait till midday. When the sun is out.wait for sun rays. Wait till maximum 1′ O’clock (pm). Treated as an ideal time for baby bath.

2# How can I identify that my baby is ready for a bath?

You need to understand your baby’s mood. If your is in between something like watching tv, playing with toys etc. Avoid that break. Your baby is never going to understand the importance of the baby bath.
Baby will feel irritated. Do not break his continuity.

3# How to prepare my baby for a baby bath?

Identify your baby mood. Try to lure your baby by showing different toys in the baby bathtub. Show your baby different sound-making can definitely attract your baby. Your baby certainly likes the bath.

4# If I am not in the mood, should I go for a baby bath?

No, You should avoid newborn bath. If you are not feeling good, then surely leave baby bath programme for the day. Else you can wait for a change in your mood.

5#How much water should be in my baby’s bathtub?

It depends upon the age of your baby. Always choose an appropriate size bathtub for your baby.Bathtub should be filled with 3/4 part of your bathtub.

6# My newborn baby is one week old? Should I make it bath?

No, Strictly avoid baby bath for first 10-15 days. Your baby need only a sponge bath for a few days. Your baby is not enough strong to handle bath. Let your baby settle down. Let the umbilical cord fall.

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7# Which is the best soap for my baby?

If your baby is only a few days old, do not apply any soap on your baby skin. Your baby skin is enough gentle. It does not need any soap. Use only sponge bath for a few days later on after 10-15 days you can go for a normal regular bath on alternate days. Baby does not need any soap. Still, after 4-6 month, you can go for any gentle and mild soap. Soap should not contain liquid paraffin, which is hazardous for your baby skin and health.

8# May I try baby wipes instead of sponging.

No, Baby wiping is a course for your outing. If you are going out you can try baby wipes. When you are at home always try water sponging. Baby Wipes are not the alternative for sponging or baby bath.

9# What accessories I need for a baby bath?

Bath Tub, desired temperature water, according to whether, any mild soap, mild shampoo for your baby if you like. You need to add on a towel, clothes for your baby, bathing toys.

10# What should be ideal time size or duration for baby bathing?

Whether It’s hot summer or cold, you should not exceed your baby bath time size. Because your baby’s immune system is not enough strong to tackle the temperature issue.Set your baby’s bathing time period. Let’s say it should not be more than 5-7 minute.


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