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Baby Care Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ Nutrition

Frequently Asked Questions-BABY FOOD

BABY FOOD-FAQ1:When Should I start giving water,  other liquids, semi-solid and solid foods?

The first food for your baby from birth to six months of age is no secret. The cardinal rule is to breastfeed the baby for the first six months of life.

2:Why I can not introduce water and other liquids to my baby before six months?  

The logic is simple, if you introduce infant formulas in the first six months, you will secrete less breast milk. Thus if you should want to resume breastfeeding you will not be able to produce that extra milk again.

3:How it going to affect my baby if I start solid food early my child will lose the benefits of breastfeeding?

Experts are of the opinion that timing is important considering that if you start solid food early your child will lose the benefits of breastfeeding.
Some of the important benefits of breastfeeding are increased resistance to illness, adequate iron levels and adequate provision of proteins, fats and essential nutrients

4:Can I introduce food after a year when my baby is having teeth?

Conversely, if you switch your baby to solid food late, invariably the child will find it difficult to accept solid food and will suffer from deficiencies.
Some of the commoner complications associated with delayed switching are vitamins and minerals deficiency such as Vitamin A and iron.

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5:Is Six Month is the right time to Start with Solid Foods?

When your child is six months of age, the time is right to start the child on solid food. Contrary to popular belief, your child does not need teeth to start on solid food.
When your baby is six months old, the baby will begin to sit up in a chair, will open her/his mouth when you show Baby a spoon and turns her/his head away when the baby does not want a feed.

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6:What should I  do if My baby is not eating the food?

When you first begin to offer solid food, the baby may not accept the change quickly. The baby may turn her/his head away or closes her mouth. That is a very common behaviour expected from a baby.


7:How to make my Baby feed food?

Never force the baby to accept the food, find another time or day to repeat the exercise. If you force the baby, there is a possibility that they reluctant eater in the future.

Continue to breastfeed the baby throughout the day and introduce solid food immediately after a breastfeed


8:What is the best time to feed my baby solid and semi-solid food?

The best time of the day is morning and lunchtime and let her sit with the family when they are having a meal.

9:How to Start with? How to make him/her feed the food?

Put the new food on the tip of a small spoon and show it to the baby. Then apply a small quantity on his lips, if he likes it he will open his mouth and feeding begins.
On the contrary, if your baby shuts his mouth or turns away, wait for a day and try again.
Gradually your baby will begin to accept solid food in increasing quantities over the next few days. Never force your baby, on the contrary, allow him to guide you, if he wants more he will open his mouth and if has had enough he will shut his mouth and turn his face away.

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10:How to manage food Allergies?

Babies and toddlers are prone to developing allergies. Thus the preferred option is to start with a single food and never try a mixed option in the beginning.
Continue the same for five days, if your baby develops rashes, vomiting or diarrhoea, stop the solid immediately and try another variant after a couple of days.

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