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Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ Pregnancy

Frequently Asked Question- Pregnancy Food Craving

#1 What is craving during pregnancy?

Craving is like you are egarly want to eat any food which you like or you have started liking it during your pregnancy.You can not make you stop from eating those eatables.You have no control over your will.

#2 Is it good to have craving during pregnancy ?

It depends upon the kind of food or beverages you are craving for.If you are craving for curd,pulse some fruits on regular intervals ,then it is okay.If you are craving for ice cream,cold drink,sweets,deep fried eatable,it’s not a good symptom.

#3 If I am craving for good for health eatable,how many times I can have?

Anything having in excess quantity is not treated good.Eat with proper division of alternate hours.You can take it from 2 to 3 times.

#4 What should I do if I am craving for not good for heath eatables?

One of the most effective methods is to substitute unhealthy food. To illustrate the case in point you may continue to eat ice creams, however opt for low fat and low sugar options rather than reaching out for regular ice – creams.

#5 Inspite of this substitute solution what else can I do?

you can even substitute your regular servings with smaller portion size per se and can increase the frequency of meals.

#6  Which kind of meal can handle my craving part?

a wholesome and balanced breakfast every day and you will experience a lower craving for mid-morning snacks.combo of corbo ,protein,fat,fibre,vitamins etc.

#7 What kind of breakfast going to help in hadling my craving for unhealthy food?

An orange, a well cooked egg and a glass of whole milk could well be considered a healthy breakfast .Certainly you will feel dropping In your craving .

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#8 Is exercise going to help in dropping of my craving for unhealthy food?

Yeah,certainly it’s going to help you.This is a fact that you are distracted from food and it even helps you stay healthy .Throughout your pregnancy.Go for pre pregnancy work outs.

#9 What kind of exercise I should do?

Taking an evening walk or morning walk every day. You will find that the craving for unhealthy food will drop.

#10 Is craving  harmful for my baby?

Depends upon the food that you are craving for.It is quite distinct fact and possibility which differs from pregnant woman to woman.Some may having craving for healthy foods some may having for unhealthy food.It’s your responsibility to give proper nutrition to your baby.Anything in excess can harm baby.Always eat which is good for baby.



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