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Are you planning to go for a vacation in a far-off place with your baby? If your answer is yes, then you might want to take care of a few things and plan everything very carefully so that you don’t miss a thing. We have mentioned a few things in this article that can help you remember important things for smoother travel with your baby.

Planning to Travel in Air?


  1. Tickets               tkt

Most people are confused whether their child requires a ticket for air travelling or not. Your baby will need a ticket though he/she might not own a seat. According to the airline policies, if one adult is carrying two infants then a seat has to be booked for the second.


  1. Passports/Visas              passport

Every country has its own visa policy and therefore, you should enquire about the details in the passport issuing department for this visas. Your baby might also need visa in most countries. Passport is necessary for international flights.


  1. Food        food

You can take food for your baby easily through the security checkpoint. However, the security agents would open the containers that are heavier than 400 grams. So, a better option is to pack baby foods in 100 gram containers.


  1. Water & Milk


You can take milk and water too for your baby, but they must be packed in baby bottles. And take some extra milk and water with you because security agents might want to ask you to taste the food you are carrying. You can take formula milk in a well packed sterilized bottle as well. The bottle can be packed in a plastic container with a tight lid or also in a plastic bag to prevent spilling.



  1. Clothing and other necessitiescloths

Don’t forget to take nappies and wash bags for your baby. Also, do not forget to take a spare cloth, in case, you spill the milk or the cereals.


  1. Toys                  games

Buy some new toys for your baby so that you can keep her/him busy with them. Try and keep a firm grip on your baby so that turbulence won’t cause inconvenience.



What about travelling in train?train travelling

Travelling in train might not be as difficult as travelling in air because you won’t have to worry about the pressure variation while taking off and landing. However, travelling in train means long journey.


  1. Be Calm

Your child might get irritated because of the long journey and might keep on asking you that when will the long-awaited destination arrive. In that case, you should be very polite in answering the question.


  1. Buy some new stuffgames

If you are travelling with a 3-year toddler, he/she might want a new toy from the person selling the toy in the train or station. So, to keep your toddler happy you should purchase him/her that toy.


  1. Booksbooks

You can read good books to keep yourself busy when your toddler is asleep. You will find book stores on the railway station also!


  1. Foldable pram strollerpram

You might get tired of holding your kid in your arms; therefore, you will need a pram stroller so that your kid stays comfy and you stay relaxed! That holds useful for airports as well.


  1. Thermos or electric warmermilk

Your baby might like to have warm milk or water depending on the climatic condition or any other cause (cold, cough). So, you should have one of the two equipments either a thermos or an electric warmer.


  1. Warm Clothescloths

If you are travelling to a cold country or the month in which you are travelling is a transition month from summer to winter, then you might want to take some winter clothes because you never know what situation might delay your return.


  1. Beware of strangers

There is no doubt that you will get some good people and good experience while travelling. If you are the only parent travelling with your kid, then always be absolutely aware of your surrounding and never leave your child alone while going to the restroom or anywhere.


Planning a long drive?

Car travelling is more comfortable because there you are on your own with your family.


  1. Drive in moderate speedcar

This feeling should be generated naturally in you when you are travelling with your small kid because possibilities are there that you might again be the only parent travelling and roads are not always smooth. You might experience a bumpy adventure.


  1. Car servicingcar

Make sure your car is in perfect condition before you actually start travelling with your baby or toddler.


  1. Check your fuel

Before starting your car’s engine, calculate the total distance you would be travelling and then decide how many times you will have to fuel up your tank and you can google up the gas stations that will come on your way.


Tips Valid for All Sorts of Travel:


  1. Medicinesmedicines

These very important because you never know what your health will be like, the next moment. Especially, while travelling you should have medicines related to headaches, stomach problem or normal fever. You can consult a doctor too for your kid’s medicines before travelling.


  1. Mobile chargingcharger

Your cell phones should be charged fully and if possible, take a power bank along with you.


  1. Internetinternet

These days without internet most of our work is impossible! So, you should have some internet balance in your phone because wi-fi network is not available everywhere.


  1. Id proofs/credit cards/debit cardsdebit card

Apart from your passport/visa you should have other documents as well just in case of emergency. And don’t forget your credit/debit card because you might face some currency issues too.


Travelling is a very fun activity and therefore, you should not take stress even if you are travelling with your kid and the above points are just for awareness. You can also use your own intelligence, in case; you fall in any other unwanted circumstances.

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