Asthma And Pneumonia
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Asthma And Pneumonia Connection

According to World Health Organization 235 million people suffer from Asthma worldwide

Commonest long standing disease condition in children

Asthma is the most underdiagnosed and undertreated condition in children so we need to learn about Asthma in the New born…..

About Asthma

Asthma is best defined as a respiratory disease condition wherein there are repeated attacks of breathlessness and the severity of the symptoms can vary from one baby to another

Asthma and Pneumonia

Like Asthma,Pneumonia is also a respiratory disease condition which is associated with breathing difficulty and breathlessness. Asthma and Pneumonia connection is like both are a respiratory disease condition which is associated with breathing difficulty and breathlessness

Asthma is an inflammatory disease condition affecting the airways of the lungs and leads to narrowing of the airways and simultaneous swelling of the inner wall cells.

On the other hand Pneumonia a short term disease condition which affects the lungs. The patient will recover completely; while in Asthma, the condition is long standing and the patient never recovers completely.

Finally some of the drugs used to treat and control Asthma can cause Pneumonia as a side effect of these drugs.




The symptoms help in early and accurate diagnosis of the condition. Asthma And Pneumonia Connection is somewhere inter related as both are lungs related disease.Some of the commoner symptoms are:

  • A significant sense of tightness in the chest associated with breathless and a noticeable wheezing.
  • This may be associated with some amount of coughing which is more common at night time and early morning.
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