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Bipolar Disorder Causes and symptoms

What is  bipolar disorder means

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder which is associated with mood swing .A person who is suffering from bipolar disorder can feel very depressive low to high manic 

Bipolar Disorder Causes

 No research and study have revealed anything about bipolar disorder causes and about the exact reason for this disorder but they clue that due to some genetic or environmental reasons this could hamper anyone. There may be some environmental reason responsible also. Some other reason like altered brain and Chemistry can also play a major role.

Bipolar disorder symptoms

Mental bipolar disorder symptoms

Manic low due to depression is a very normal symptom of bipolar disorder. It may include high energy also so that the person feels too much energy to do anything.
A person could feel very low energy, loss of interest and enjoyment. The person could feel guilty of many things and can feel associated with the dissatisfaction from life.

Changes in Behaviour

The victim may feel very irritated . A person without risk evaluation could be much enthusiastic to take the risk. crying, aggression, excess Desire of sex, restlessness are few other symptoms of the disorder. In a few circumstances, victims can harm themselves also.

Cognitive alterations

Whoever is suffering from bipolar disorder may feel like lack of interest, false believe in doing anything. That person could live in a utopia world. The victim may find themselves in superactive place.

Sleep circumstance

Circumstances can differ from person to person. Few people may feel excessive sleep and some can not have too much bedtime .Few people can gain weight handsome of them get it reduced also.

Bipolar disorder Treatment

Bipolar disorder Treatment is not a fixed day course. It can run a lifetime. During this treatment, you need to have patience with the patient because the manic can not be treated only with medicines. With medication, you need to handle the patient with love.

Support Therapy

Family Support, ample care with love is required with bipolar disorder sufferer and the patient should not be left alone in any circumstances.


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