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Boost your immune system with good sleep

Our inadequacy of sleep is related to our mental health. There is no age to be stressed.sleeping is the easiest way to boost your immune system.Now a days we are worried about how to grow immune system. According to Dr Guy Meadows

“seven to eight-hour pleasant sleep strengthens and enhance the T- cell’s functioning.

Dr Guy Meadows founder of Britain’sThe Sleep School”,

what are T cells

Let us first understand what are the T cells .T-cells are a type of white blood corpuscle. These T cells are activated by a good sleep in the body. T cells become active and destroy various viruses inside the body. Which makes our body and senses feel healthy and active and enhance the T- cell’s functioning. During sleep, our body releases cytokines proteins. Cytokines fight with inflammation or any infection.It increase immunity.T cells are part of Strong immune system.

T cells

 How T cells fight with the viruses 

T-cells are a type of white blood corpuscle. It is an essential part of our Immune system.T cells are activated in the body by a good sleep. T cells become active and destroy host viruses inside the body. Which makes our body and senses feel healthy and active.T cells makes strong immune system.


What is a sleep disorder 

Sleep and disease are directly related.In sleep, the body creates a time cycle. This is called circadian rhythm . Our body clock is all known when it’s hungry when feeling tired when needs rest. We should accomplish all our work at the proper time. So that our body clock is balanced.If you get disciplined at the right time and do all your task So you won’t need any alarm clock. Your sense will keep directing your body at the right time.

It will make you feel healthy, mentally feel relaxed and you will get a good and sound sleep doze.Sound sleep helps in making strong immune system.

Ways to obtain balanced sleep

In this run-of-the-mill spirit, everything has to be practised with patience. When the balance deteriorates, your health body becomes sleepy, even relationships and mental health similarly. Only then will you know how valuable good sleep is for the body. You need to put up with some easy and natural steps to get good sleep which makes strong immune system.

Gaming with your kids

You have already neglected to play physically after getting a job. If you want, you can play badminton, cricket and any game which you like with your kids.It will also make your kids happy and you will refresh some memories of your adolescence. Gaming with your kids can revive your physical and mental health.

Manual labour is very important

When you do physical labour,a type of harmone is released from you body.Then you feel good.
And is helpful in getting good sleep.If you want, you can do some help in household chores. Your family will also feel good and you will also feel good.

Exercising regularly

 Exercising regularly is a very good means to get good sleep. Begin with some regular exercises like cycling, jogging, skipping etc. then your body clock becomes active. You can start it by taking a walk in the park in front of your house and taking a few rounds of your apartment. Physical exercise is very helpful in getting good sleep.

Balance your Default Mode Network.

We have a routine as soon as we go to bed fall from all kinds of troubles. our troubles settle in our hearts and senses. While we do know that it is not the solution to problems. Even then we persist upset because it becomes our habit. The only solution for this is to keep our mind busy with certain tasks or Or develop certain hobbies like gardening, painting etc.

It is our mind that leads us to negative energy. This is called the default mode network. In order to correct the default mode network, we have to follow the regular routine with discipline.

Calm your mind by meditation

Meditation is a very good medium to keep your mind calm. Stress is too much in today’s life. Meditation is a great way to reduce anxiety. Meditation helps you get better sleep. If you meditate then it is a good thing and if you do not, start today. Practice meditation to your children too. It may be a bit difficult in the beginning, but gradually you will start feeling calm and happy.If you are pregnant few meditation like walking meditation ,vipasana ,Mantra meditation etc are advisable.


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