challenges of single mother
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challenges of a single mother parenting

Single parenthood is very common now a days as 25% of the total families are run by a single parent. It can be caused by many reasons: death, divorce as well as non-marriage.
This article will certainly help you to understand the life of a single parent and the tasks single mother undertakes to provide financial, material and emotional needs to her child or children. Here are a few challenges of a single mother parenting:

           Balancing Life

A single parent has to find the right balance between his/her professional and personal life. Naturally, they have to work longer hours than others as they are the only source of income for their families. There is no one They are thus required to juggle through a hectic schedule. Keeping afloat with the schedule is in itself a huge challenge.

balancing life being a single mother
balancing life being a single mother

          Meeting Financial Requirements

The most important challenge or anyone to survive in this cruel world is MONEY. One can’t live his desired life without money, but for single parents desired life is not an option as they have to feed their children before themselves.  This is one of  the biggest “challenges of a single mother parenting”


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           Emotional Outburst Challenges 

It becomes really difficult for single parents to forget their loved ones and move ahead in life. They need to rebuild themselves after such a catastrophic separation. Coping with aanannns is one of the biggest “challenges of a single mother parenting”.

  • Women believed that she is emotional than men. We can fight with all the odds but starting with self is more important than anything in life
  • You must have toe and if not keep courage in your heart,  only then you could be a successful mother
  • A child is a source of motivation for any mother on this planet As a mother my every day filled with joy while seeing my son. So here my son is motivational power for me. Now your turn to find out.

              Negative Effects on your kids

These challenges are really difficult to tackle as they also bring some Negative effects which can prove to be vital for both children as well as the parent.
Some of them are noted below.

1. Children lack their confidence

There may be changes when a single parent has to deny the child from his/her needs or requirements because of lack of money or finance. Thus the child can feel offended and separated from his dreams because of a lack of Financial support. This can harm the child’s attitude and confidence towards life. This is the biggest challenge which a parent should

lack in self confidence
lack of self-confidence

2. Change in Social behaviour

The effects of a single-parent home on a child’s behaviour can be far-reaching and impact several areas of life, including academic achievement and social behaviours.
Due to long working hours, single parents don’t really get time to help the child academically which certainly results in the child’s poor academic performance.

change in behaviour
change in thinking pattern

3. Emotional stress

Living in poverty is stressful and can have many emotional effects on children, including low self-esteem, increased anger and frustration and an increased risk for violent behaviour.

stressed life
single mother challenges

Each and everything has a positive as well as negative side. Similarly along with negative effects single parenting also has some important positive effects which further proves to be important for the family’s life.

Have a look

  Positive effects on kids 

1.Formation of a strong Parent-Child bond

Single parenting creates a really strong bond between the parent and child. This bond is basically named as Parent-Child bond. Both children as well as a parent spend their leisure with each other as they don’t have anyone else except each other. This results in the formation of community sense within themselves.

good emotional bonding
the good bonding between mother and kid

2.Sharing Responsibilities

As time passes and the child grows up parents feel free to share their problems and responsibilities with them. This can make the child more mature and caring. In this way, children will understand the value of their contribution and can take pleasure in their work.

sharing responsibilities
sharing responsibilities

3.Parental Role Modelling

Most of the children raised in a single parental home are inspired by their mother or father which can really aspire them to work hard and achieve great success in life. There will be no parental conflict, and it eases tension and stress for both the parent and the child.

Along with these effects, there are certain effects which can’t be classified or can be termed as mixed effects”. An example of it is introverted behaviour. For single-parent families it necessary to be independent but at the same time needs to form social bonds.
Some can find introvert parents or children annoying while others can find them pleasant.

Basically, it varies parent to parent and kid to kid. All through special attention and care required for such kids. So that it could a pleasant life for both the mother and kid also, can lead a better life.