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Does Social Media Affects The Mental Health of the Teens?

“Let’s have a look at the scary risks & possible benefits of the social media world on teenagers”
Social media is dramatically changing the way we communicate, make friends or maintain our relationships. While there are many benefits as well as risks of the digital world.

Today’s youth is spending majority of time connecting & interacting with the screen. Adults are getting lost in the world of unrealistic cyberbullying and they feel left out.

In the recent research of Royal Society for Public Health in the UK  it has been found major increasing suicidal tendencies amongst youths youngsters. And this increase was found in the age range of 12 to 20 years. There is no doubt that depression is on the rise among teens. Now the question rise how much does this technology and social media contribute to this.

Royal Society for Public Health in the UK 

In one report it has been found that about 14 to 24 years of adults are facing the results of anxiety, depression, & self-esteem due to the regular use of social media. It is found that Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook have negative impacts whereas YouTube had the most positive impacts on youths.

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You might be thinking of deleting all such social media apps and ban your teen to get involved in any digital communication. However, avoidance is not a permanent solution to it. Teens are using social media to stay connected with their friends and seek new friendships. If your teen shows unexplained emotional changes then you need to know why your teen is using social media.

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Quite Rare Symptoms of Depression

There are many reasons due to which teens are forced to take depressing steps such as suicidal attempts by teens, etc. You are more likely to see irritability than depressed mood among the children. Other symptoms of depression are insomnia, fatigue, excessive guilt, difficulty in concentrating, social media, headaches, suicidal thoughts. Teens sometimes make a complaint in difficulty sleeping or frequent headaches in most of the cases. This should not happen regularly. The most tricky and inconvenient part of depression is that it can be gradual. When you all of sudden see your teen get isolated or sad or unreachable then it’s the time to get the help.

Help Your Teen To Navigate Social Media

It can be hard to maintain the balance between help and fixing everything for your teen related to social media. Here are some tips for you to support your child.

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Ask Them Questions –

  • You need to check which app your teen uses the most and why or you may ask him.
  • Give your child space and discuss the benefits of social media with him.
  • The best thing to do is to get yourself engage with your child. In case, if a difficult situation arises online then first ask him how he would handle it.

Talk Often

Parents play a critical role in helping their child to cope with what they are watching online. You can also discuss your experience with them. Tell them about the fake profiles and talk openly about the high and low social media.

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You can help broaden the social media experience by discussing the interesting posts, accounts that share information related to certain topics.

Guide them towards their area of interest and tell them to learn new things.

The connection is the key that can help you to discuss the impacts of social media on youths. Make face to face connections and be present to them.

Sometimes getting connected with Instagram, & Facebook you could get harsh judgments and comparisons. You can easily make judgments on the screen rather than verbalizing it face to face. Sometimes disjointed shorthand conversations result in misunderstanding.


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