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Foods to Avoid During Asthma

Diet has a direct correlation with Asthma. If you would like to control the symptoms usually associated with Asthma, make sure that we you consume a diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables. There are few foods which should be avoided

Food to Avoid During Asthma

Food is not always beneficial. There are a number of variety list of foods to avoid during asthma. That is evident from the fact that there are certain kinds of fruits which been found to increase the frequency of Asthma attacks in children

# 1 Avoid Preservatives

Pickled foods, dried fruits, bottled lemon juice and even lime juice have one thing in common; they all contain a preservative called Sulphite. This is also a food to avoid during asthma.


The medical fraternity is of the opinion that sulphites are very specific preservatives which can increase the frequency and severity of Asthma attacks in children.

# 2 Portion Size

Eating large meals or food types which are difficult to digest can put unusual pressure on the diaphragm and your child may complain of tightness of chest and an inability to breathe.

food portion size
food portion size should be small

Some food options that your baby should avoid include cabbage, beans, onions, garlic and carbonated drinks. This is also included in the club, Food to avoid during asthma.
The logic is that they can trigger an attack of Asthma in your baby.

# 3 Salicylate Matters

Contrary to popular belief ‘herbs and coffee’ is not necessarily a health food combo. In simple terms, this means that coffee and herbs can increase the frequency and severity of the attacks.


The logic being that they are a rich source of Salicylate and this is one compound that can further aggravate Asthma.

So, Please avoid such foods and stay healthy.


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