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Managing Sex Life With Growing Child

Many parents recognize that having less sex is part of life with a new baby. Having sex after having a baby is the last thing. Most new parents contemplate about it. But living a healthy sex life by managing it’s a better way is significant to your relationship. Manging sex life with a growing child is also a big responsibility.

Enjoying sex life with a partner:

As a child born and starts to grow there are a number of parameters that effect on the sex life of parents. However, by careful planning, by adopting ways of precaution etc are some ways to be out. It can be adopted to enjoy sex life and managing with a growing child.

Survey as per study and experts:

As per the survey carried out for Family lives, parents having the minimum sex are those, whose children are teenagers. 66 per cent of respondents have teenage or elder children, trailed by those with children aged between age group 5 and 12 (49%). Obviously. These parents are not stressed with sleep deficiency or tired by the demands of considerate for a new-born. Many appear to a large amount to have given up on their sex life: Just less than 45% suggests they have sex fewer than once a week.

Managing Sex Life With Growing Child


  • Lock the Door

    With a purpose to prevent having miniature observes to our marital people time, it is best to recollect locking the door. If they need parents, they apparently stop what they are doing and attend to awkwardly timed needs of children. Blocking the door at least allows parents the chance to scramble for clothing without distressing that the have blemished the children’s eyeballs.

  • Get in Bed Early Or at least on time:

    There was a time before few years in marriage life of most of the couples when it was never so late for sex. But presently, particularly with such young children, sleep is valuable. Parents should not sacrifice it for sex. Going to bed on time is the window of opportunity to remain open for romance and managing sex life in a better way.

  • Discuss Something Other than the Kids:

    Sex is not simply about the opportunity. It is actually about recoupling with your partner. If all the time parents would talk about the kids, they are not doing so fine as a couple. They need to recollect that they are a couple first and foremost. Both love each other and do sex and that this is the entire reason they wish to have sex in the leading place.

But when the nocturnal closeness starts to agonize, revisiting these rules is a decent way to begin getting it to return on track.

Sex when younger kids in the house: 

  • Move your baby into a different room.
  • Move into another room.
  • Try to make young kids sleep early by adopting methods to stop their playing activities in the night.
  • If bub is already put up and asleep and you are loathing moving the kid, try nestling in another room in the home.
  • Feed the kid properly, so that there is a minimum chance that they wake up while you are having sex in the night.

sex when kids are in home

Sex when there are older kids in the house:  

  • Begin introducing a closed bedroom door policy while your kids are yet young.
  • Parents must impart older kids that if a door is shut –they have to knock at first and then wait for some time to be invited in.
  • If parents are self-conscious regarding the noise factor while kids may be moving about the house, they can try playing slight music in the bedroom.
  • Playing music would not only help parents. Getting relax and put them in the mood, but it will even help cover any joyful noises you make.

How to handle kids Curiosity

  • To handle a kid’s curiosity, parents should commit to having intimate conversations early on. And let them last and expand over time with the kid’s growing age and maturity.
  • Parents can keep communication as open, this will become the norm between parents and teen, the teen will be more probable to converse a diversity of issues with parents.
  • Parents can let the kid go through some kind of guides or learning on sex life to curb their curiosity.

How to handle kids Curiosity


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