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More Screen time turning your teenager depressed

You must have seen the light that your child has started to fight with you over the screen time issue. Nowadays kids are spending much time over screen T.V., laptop, computer and other screens well. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics urged patents to reduce to screen time of their children and it should not be more than 1 hour a day for 2 to 5-year kids. AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics ) has advised parents to avoid screen time undee18 month babies.

Why screen time is harmful to kids

Research shows kids spending more than 7 hours over the screen which leads to obesity, poor sleep and appetites. Its all linked to the mental health of your kids 
More screen time leads towards depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder also. Depression reduces their sleep, reduces hunger, does not feel like studying.

Screen time provoke your kids towards loneliness. Your younger one is busier with screen and they find social media is their true friend. As a result, the kid starts spending less time with you. Children feel that only friends on social media are their true friends.

How much screen time is good

Spending more time with screen tends to convert your kids into an introvert kid.As per WHO recommendation no screen time for kids under 1 year age.And children under 2-4 year age group should not expose electronic media more than 1 hour.

School engagement and projects 

As children grow up, their screen time also increases. They start spending more time over the screen as they have additional responsibility in the form of online educational programs and projects.

A sample survey of 1577 parents of kids 2-10 year age group. The researcher inquired the parents about their kid’s use of educational engagements through Laptop, Ipad, Tablets, educational app and e-readers, smartphone, educational videos etc. They concluded that the screen time of growing children decreased with the process of their growing age.

Joan Ganz Cooney centre reports

Educational screen time dropped to 78% to 27% with the age group. It’s a tendency among growing children that more than their studies, their attention is shifted towards social media.

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Strategy to limit screen time of your kids

  • Setting up screen time for your kids is a good choice. From the very beginning let them know how much time children are allowed to watch the Screen.
  • Limit the content for your kid .According to Dr Gentile, a leading expert on the effect of violent media content says that research has shown that violent media contents may cause a change in the behaviour of your kids.
  • Make your kids understand the reasons why to limit the screen time is important for them.
  • Use Audiobooks instead of screen reading .
  • Talking to the kids is always a good choice.By constant discussion with your children, your relations become good and they can share all their emotions. 


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