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Planning For A Baby


Having a baby is one of the most important milestones in the life of a woman. Thus it is not surprising that you should plan your baby with care. Some of the more important measures are:

# 1 Preconception Visit

Once you have decided to have a baby it is important that you make a visit to your doctor along with your partner.

medicines and health check up

There you could enquire about diet, sleep and lifestyle modifications. Concurrently your doctor could diagnose and manage underlying disease conditions.

# 2 check out your Family Tree

It is possible that you or your partner have certain types of diseases in the family. This could be about diseases such as Thalassemia or repeated abortions.

family tree

It will be a good idea to get a genetic counselling and testing done so that you are sure that your baby is born healthy.

# 3 Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Now is the time to give up alcohol and quitting smoking. Even if you need professional help go for it before you plan your baby.

smoking and pregnancy

It has been medically proved that these habits can lead to spontaneous abortions.

# 4 Avoid Stress

Although there are numerous stress busters available, the preferred option is to start exercising and this can help reverse that stress.

morning sickness

# 5 Budgets

Planning your budget is critically important considering that a baby means expenses. Thus you may have to modify your lifestyle and cut expenses so that you can adjust and make arrangements for these additional expenses.


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